EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet

Festo fieldbus partner - EtherNet/IP and DeviceNet


The first open bus system based entirely on standard Ethernet and TCP/IP technology. Suitable for all industrial standard applications in the field, up to networking of PLCs or SCADA and ERP/MES systems.

The advantages of Festo products for EtherNet/IP:

  • Components are ODVA-compliant
  • Devices can be configured using DIL switches and fieldbus parameters, so they can be adapted to any customer application and performance requirements
  • Festo CPX supports the latest features such as DLR (Device Level Ring), integrated switch and QuickConnect


DeviceNet communication is based on the broadcast-oriented Controller Area Network (CAN), which was originally developed for the automotive sector in order to replace the expensive wiring used in vehicles with a secure and cost-effective network.

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