Meat processing

The application: eviscerating

Your objective: precise and extremely hygienic meat processing

Our solution: Clean Design components and visual inspection for safe processes

    High-speed monitoring: intelligent vision system SBOx-M from Festo

High-speed monitoring: intelligent vision system SBOx-M

Analysing processes and detecting error sources, checking and controlling filling levels: the compact vision system with permanently integrated lens or interchangeable lens is specialised on the detection, recording, analysis and control of fast movements.


Vision systems for function monitoring

Other products of interest for your application:

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Ball valves VZBC

Ball valves VZBC with compact flange connection, mechanically actuated

Opens and closes media flows such as air, gas or liquids

  • Full bore for high flow rates
  • Space saving due to shorter installation length
  • Switches high operating pressures up to 40 bar
  • Also available with pre-assembled drive unit

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