Record-breaking speed in drive train production

Engine fitting

The application: engine assembly / fitting at fast cycle rates

Your objective: fast, efficient and economic assembly to the highest quality standard

Our solution: products and solutions for precise supply and positioning

    Gentle and vibration-free stopping of loads from 1 kg to 800 kg: stopper cylinder DFST from Festo

Gentle and vibration-free stopping of loads from 1 kg to 800 kg: stopper cylinder DFST

  • Stopping and separating of heavy workpiece carriers or for fast transfer systems
  • Toggle lever holding function for positioning bulky workpiece carriers
  • Deactivation of the stopper function for "free overtravel"
  • Adjustable cushioning for smooth and vibration-free stopping of loads of more than 1kg
  • Shock absorbers function without a minimum load: only one size required in the system for full and empty workpiece carriers.


Stopper cylinder DFST in the catalogue       

    Pneumatic mini slide DGSL from Festo

From mini to maxi, 8 sizes and stroke lengths up to 200 mm: pneumatic mini slide DGSL

  • Wide and rigid guide for high process reliability and precision
  • Reduced size for less installation space - lighter, more cost-effective
  • Functionality adapted to the task: clamping unit, end-position locking and shock absorber
  • Sensors can be integrated as an option 


DGSL in the catalogue

    The first position transmitter with the design of a proximity sensor: SMAT 8-M from Festo

Position transmitter with the size of a proximity sensor: the SMAT-8M

Designed for all applications with restricted installation space

  • Positional feedback of the piston in the form of analogue output voltage
  • Reliable due to integrated out-of-range detection via LED and analogue signal
  • The reduced weight is especially convincing, particularly for applications with grippers
  • A sensing range of up to 40 mm ensures the free choice of switching points for applications.


Position transmitter SMAT-8M in the catalogue