Learning Systems

Didactic Learning Systems

From fundamentals to complete training
From basic training and technology-specific courses to planning, control, and handling of complex systems, to fully-furnished learning centers – we have created a world of learning tailored to your needs for efficient study and guaranteed learning success.

Modular and future proof
What characterizes our learning systems is their high practical relevance achieved through the use of real industrial compo­nents combined with the intuitive teaching of the educational content. The systems are modular, allowing for expansion and flexibility, making your investment future-proof with no dead-ends.


Many paths to successful learning

Festo Didactic is committed to developing innovative, engaging, and effective learning tools and content to meet the changing and challenging needs of students and educators.

Our comprehensive, competency-based curriculum integrates several types of media to accommodate different types of learners and to bring flexibility to the learning process.

Textbooks, workbooks, guides, work sheets, simulation programs, web-based training packages, and more, contribute to building knowledge, skills, and troubleshooting abilities in a diverse spectrum of subject areas.



A wide range of training systems  

Festo Didactic strength­ened its leadership position as a supplier of technical education solutions through the acquisition of Lab-Volt Systems in June 2014. This merger created the ability to be the singular source worldwide for the study of technologies and curriculum that cover an extensive range of products and services.


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