Laboratory Automation videos

PerkinElmer Product Highlights

Anthony Nocito from PerkinElmer shows a decapping accessory that PerkinElmer co-developed with Festo

Microsonic Systems Product Highlights

Vibhu Vivek from Microsonic Systems shows the robotic automation platform which uses the microsonic technology

Biomated Solutions Product Highlights

Vivek Sharma from Biomated Solutions demonstrates compact portable 3-axis liquid handling station

PhyNexus Product Highlights

Douglas T. Gjerde from PhyNexus shows the Automated MAXI, MEGA and GIGA skill Plasmid preparations

SLAS Tradeshow Impressions 2015

Festo showcased the Laboratory Automation industry our capabilities where we featured our advance handling system for laboratory applications - The EXCM mini H gantry

Automation in the Lab with Festo

The video shows applications using standard Festo actuators proven in many high throughput lab automation projects. Also shown are the new electronic decapping unit and innovative H gantry for compact high performance/ low cost positioning systems. Festo offers these as individual components, or can design complete systems to meet your specific automation requirements.