Mobile Exhibitions

Festo’s Mobile Exhibitions have been to numerous customer events, enabling thousands of people to get a hands-on look at the innovative products and solutions offered by Festo. The Mobile Mechatronics Lab, Electric Drive Van, and Process Automation Van have travelled coast to coast as part of a mission to educate customer and schools about energy efficient automation technology and services, as well the latest advancements that can improve equipment and operational performance.


Festo’s Mobile Exhibitions address the issues we all experience with trade shows: cost, travel inconvenience, and the loss of key staff members for several days. With our Mobile Exhibitions, we bring the exhibition to your front door – completely free and without obligation!

Mobile Mechatronics Lab

Mobile mechatronics lab (MML)

The Mobile Mechatronics Lab is loaded with everything from products to sub-systems and education equipment.  The MML brings the best of Festo to you. 

Mobile mechatronics lab

Electric Drive Van

Festo electric drive exhibition van

The Electric Drive Van is filled with Festo electric components ranging from Electric Precision Axes to Motion Function Integration, as well as other electric drive applications.

Electric drive van

Process Automation Van

Festo process automation van

The Process Automation van is packed with Festo products and solutions ranging from water treatment applications to air preparation, as well as other process automation applications.

Process automation van