Customer Magazine: trends in automation

trends in automation 1 2017

Issue 1.2017

In focus: Flexibility

Revolution in automation

World first: The Festo Motion Terminal VTEM catapults pneumatics into the age of Industry 4.0 - with apps that can replace over 50 industrial components (Page 12)

Flexible, yet standardized
Modular concept: the assembly line for high end plug connectors delivers impressive results with the handling system YXMx and the servo press kit YJKP. (Page 36)

Interaction of forces
Always to the point: the proportional valve VPPM ensures precision during flow drilling. The compact cylinder ADNH demonstrates its strength. (Page 26)

Batch size - setup time 0
Highly flexible: the integrated automation solution and the fully automated tool changer reduce setup time for the millturn centres from Stama. (Page 30)