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Start voting beginning on Selection Sunday, March 31st – April 7th.


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  • Selection Sunday – March 31st - April 7th
  • Super 16 – April 8th - April 14th
  • Electric 8 – April 15th - April 21st
  • Festo 4 – April 22nd - April 28th
  • Festo Bionic Championship Game – April 29th - May 5th



1st Prize - $100 Gift Card, Festo promotional items and a Festo product

2nd Prize - $75 Gift Card, Festo promotional items and a Festo product

3rd Prize - $50 Gift Card, Festo promotional items and a Festo product

How to Enter

Visit Festo US Facebook for more details!


bionic mayhem

Arizona BionicOpter vs. Memphis Airacuda


Rookie Year: 2013

Wingspan: 63cm

Length: 44cm

Weight: 175g




Rookie Year: 2006

Length: 100cm

Width: 28cm

Height: 45cm

Weight 4g






bionic mayhem

Seattle AquaPenguins vs. Hawaii CyberKite


Overall Length: 0.77m

Wingspan: 0.66m

Weight: 9.6kg



Wingspan (width, length): 8.62m, 2.92m

Surface Area: 12m2

Volume: 3.9m3

Weight: 2.2kg




bionic mayhem

Appleton AirJellies vs. Las Vegas FlexShape Gripper


Diameter: 1.35m

Height: 2.20m

Total Weight: 1.3kg


FlexShape Gripper






bionic mayhem

Tampa Bay AquaRays vs. Houston Dual Wing Generator

Aqua Rays

Overall Length: 61.5cm

Overall Width: 96cm

Height: 14.5cm

Weight: 10kg


Dual Wing Generator

Rookie Year: 2014

Width: 250cm

Wing Width: 110cm




bionic mayhem

Baltimore Kangaroos vs. Eatontown Learning Grippers


Rookie Year: 2014

Size: 100cm upright

Sitting Height: 60cm

Weight: 7kg

Jump Distance: 80cm

Jump Height: 40cm


Learning Grippers

Rookie Year: 2013

Dimensions: 263mm x 263mm x 255mm

Weight: 1850kg

Gripping Object Diameter: 100mm

Handling Weight: 200g




bionic mayhem

Charlotte Ants vs. Mason Bionic Handlers


Rookie Year: 2015

Length: 135mm

Height: 43mm

Width: 150mm

Weight: 105g

Step Size: 10mm


Bionic Handlers

Rookie Year: 2010

Highlight: Appeared on PBS Nova





bionic mayhem

San Diego AquaJellies vs. Chicago MultiChoice Gripper


Rookie Year: 2008

Overall Length: .77m

Wingspan: .66m

Weight in air: 9.6kg


MultiChoice Gripper

Rookie Year: 2014

Height: 215mm

Diameter: 148mm

Weight: 660g





bionic mayhem

San Francisco eMotionButterflies vs. New Orleans Air Fish


Rookie Year: 2015

Wingspan: 50cm

Weight: 32g


Air Fish

Rookie Year: 2006





bionic mayhem

Los Angeles SmartBird vs. Detriot AirRays


Rookie Year: 2011

Torso Length: 1.07m

Wingspan: 2.00m

Weight: 0.450kg

Highlight: Flew over Coachella


Air Rays

Span: 4.20m

Length: 2.8m

Height: 0.68m

Total Weight: 1.60kg




bionic mayhem

Washington D.C. Exohands vs. Memphis Coconeers




Rookie Year: 2016

Design Software: Cinema 4D

Construction Space: approx. 450 x 300 x 600mm





bionic mayhem

New York RoboThespian vs. Ocean City Wave Handlers




Wave Handlers

Rookie Year: 2013

Height: 11.5cm

Length: 93.6

Width: 62.4cm






bionic mayhem

Boston Humanoid vs. Philadelphia Nano Force Gripper


Rookie Year: 2006


Nano Force Gripper

Rookie Year: 2012

Length: 110mm

Width: 66mm

Mass: 91g





bionic mayhem

Miami Skyliner vs. Louisville Smart Inversion




Smart Inversion

Edge Length: 1.82m

Helium Volume: 2,130m3

Mass: 2,334kg





bionic mayhem

Hauppauge Robotino XT vs. Alaska FreeMotionHandlers

Robotino XT

Rookie Year: 2010

Diameter: 370mm

Height: 260mm

Weight: 11kg


Height: 330mm

Weight: 1060g

Max. Payload: 600g



Rookie Year: 2016

Diameter: 137cm

Outside Diameter: 180cm

Total Weight (without helium): 1400g

Total Weight (with helium): 50g

Weight of flying rings: 740g

Maximum flying time: 40 min





Bionic Mayhem

Toronto Power Gripper vs. New Mexico eMotionSpheres

Power Gripper

Rookie Year: 2012

Height: 200mm

Width: 123mm

Depth: 39mm

Weight: 482g



Rookie Year: 2014

Diameter: 95cm

Weight: 27g/m2





bionic mayhem contest

Vancouver Air Penguins vs. Puerto Rico Bionic Tripod 3.0

Air Penguins

Overall Length: 3.70m

Wingspan: 2.48m

Weight: 1kg


Bionic Tripod 3.0

Maximum handling weight: 400g

Maximum displacement -

X-axis: 1000mm

Y-axis: 1000mm

Z-axis: 300mm