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Festo has been a supporter of FIRST Robotics since 2000 and has been actively involved in the FIRST community. Many people begin their career with FIRST before expanding within the field. As Festo continues to focus on supporting and inspiring youth's participation in FIRST, recent Festo new hires and interns are FIRST alumni.


So why is FIRST Robotics Competition a launching pad to someone career in engineering or automation? How has a role within a team strengthen one's ability?


We've ask our fellow Festo employees who are also FIRST alumni to shed some light on these questions and more.


Troy Douglas FIRST Alumni

How did you get involved in FIRST?

In 8th grade, my father took me to the SBPLI Long Island Regional for the FIRST Robotics Competition at Hofstra University. There I met up with my future high school team and learned a bit more about the FIRST Robotics Competition and about FIRST. In high school, I was on the team for all four years. After graduating from high school, I started on the volunteer side of FIRST as a referee for the FIRST Robotics Competition. I then became a Head Referee for FIRST LEGO League, as well as the FIRST Robotics Competition. I am now also currently involved as a member of the Development Councils for the FIRST Robotics Competition, FIRST LEGO League/FIRST LEGO League Jr., and the FIRST Tech Challenge on Long Island.

What was your team name?

Team 270 - Deer Park Falcons, from Deer Park High School, Deer Park, NY

What was your role within the team?

I was a member of the Mechanical Design Team, as well as the Drive Team. I was also a Team Captain.

How did FIRST inspire you within your career?

The FIRST Robotics Competition helped peak my interest in automation and engineering. Working alongside engineers, tradesmen and professionals gave me a head start to what to expect in the professional world. Learning to manage deadlines and work together in an engineering setting has definitely helped me in my career.

For someone who may be interested in FIRST, what piece of advice would you give them?

Dive in head first! Whether it's getting involved with a team or volunteering, FIRST is one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. The ability to meet so many different people from different walks of life with the same goal is truly an amazing experience.

What about Festo made you interested in pursuing an internship?

I first found out about Festo through FIRST as Festo is an international Diamond Supplier for FIRST. I also saw how involved they were on a local level on Long Island. Also getting to speak to them at the FIRST Robotics Competition at Hofstra University introduced me to their wide range of expertise and new and emerging technologies.



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