Customized process control cabinets

Focus on your core competency as a leading designer of equipment for the craft brew industry and outsource control cabinet design and fabrication. With 4 production locations and a staff of design engineers, Festo is able to design custom or serial process control cabinets to be easily integrated onto your equipment.



                           Example Festo designed and fabricated process control cabinet with

                                                CPX/MPA electrical and pneumatic terminal



Utilizing our expertise to design a solution for your equipment will be both cost effective and will free up valuable resources for you. Festo will design a cabinet using your standard third party components as well as their products with industry leading features like bulkhead mounted valve terminals and combined electrical and pneumatic terminals.

Customer Solutions

customer solutions
  • Single cabinets or repeatable/scalable


  • Multiple design and fabrication facilities.
  • IL508A, IL698A/1604 certification.
  • Designed to global standards (UL/CE).


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Bulkhead Mounted Valve Terminals

bulkhead valve terminals mounted

Installing a high number of pneumatic valves inside of cabinet can be costly and time consuming.


Festo bulkhead mounted valves can reduce short tubing runs, decrease installation time, eliminate leak points and reduce hardware costs.