Solutions for keg and vessel cleaning

Utilizing steam, hot water or cleaning solutions is a requirement in many craft brew applications. Vessels, kegs and brewing equipment must be sterilized on a regular basis according to regulations. An angle seat valve is the perfect simple valve to control the flow of liquids and gases. It is economical, simple in design, and easy to install. It also is suitable for a wide temperature range and wide variety of media, including those with degree or contaminants.



                                                  Example: Festo VZXF angle in use


In most cases, a single inline valve is a suitable solution and requires a simple pneumatic signal to actuate the valve. If there are cases where multiple valves are required to handle the same media, they can be ordered in a manifold. This significantly reduces installation time and service, and reduces the number of fluidic connections and tubing on the equipment.



Versatile Range for Media Control

versatile range of media control
  • Brass or Stainless
  • NPT, BSP, clamp connections
  • Wide temperature
  • Suitable for clean or dirty media
  • Ideal for steam and cleaning solutions
  • Pneumatic pilot with indicator


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A Solution to Save Time and Cost

Manifold mounting, stroke adjustment, electrical sensing

Consult with Festo engineers to learn about valuable pre-engineered options:

  • Manifold mounting
  • Stroke adjustments
  • Electrical sensing


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