Simple and cost effective controls

Pneumatic valves, I/O, and controllers play a central role in controlling automation on the equipment. There are several innovations in the industry which will reduce hardware costs and simplify the automation concept.


Combining pneumatic valves, pilot valve, I/O and other perrefials on a single terminal will simplify a BOM, decreasing installation time. Electrical and pneumatic valve terminals can connect to any PLC over ethernet and provide additional diagnostic information about the health of the automation system.



                                   Example Festo CPX/MPA electrical I/O and pneumatic

                                   terminal integrated with CODESYS controller, I/P and

                                                          temperature feedback



CODESYS is an open hardware and software standard based on the international standard IEC61131 that supports well known languages such as structured text, ladder logic, function block diagram and more. It has been adopted by many device manufacturers and is in use by leading craft brew equipment suppliers today. The hardware and software cost savings will more than offset the effort to program in this intuitive environment. Embedding the controller into the terminal reduces cabinet size allows for more flexible automation concept.

CODESYS Controller and Touchscreen

CODESYS controller and touchscreen

Embedded in terminal or touchscreen open protocol supported by most device manufacturers.


Can handshake with supervisory PLC or SCADA systems.


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Learn More about Flexible Automation

flexible automation white paper

A trend in automation is solve problems with repeatable modules. Rather than redesigning and scaling up in size, modular automation concept allows you to solve different problems by combining smaller modules.


Visit the Festo website to download our white paper on CODESYS and modular automation.