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Festo application engineers and technical support personnel are continuously documenting new ways to maximize the value of our products, and we frequently publish helpful technical tips. This section of our web site is dedicated to the dissemination of these helpful hints.

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Robotics now and in the future

Food Engineering, April 2017


With technology advances, robots have convinced many processors that they are worthy of hire, speeding production while improving quality and food safety.



Steady growth makes automation essential

Packaging World, March 2017


Beers brewed by this Munster, IN, brewery just 60 miles from Chicago have won their fair share of accolades over the years. Now management is focused on expansion and automation.



What's the Difference Between Poppet and Piston Spool Valves?

Machine Design, February 2017

When designing pneumatic circuits, there are two valve designs to consider. We will examine the differences between a poppet and a spool valve and determine which fits best for your design.




Festo thinks assembly in "Industry 4.0" mode

Fluid Power World, February 2017


Adaptability, flexibility and the use of the OPC UA communication standard are some key Industry 4.0 features that are typical of the gripper units used for engine block assembly in the automotive industry.



Interview: The Automation Boom in Mexico

Machine Design, February 2017


Jeff Burnstein, President of A3, says Mexico may be the next global player in the automation arena, but the international skills gap could be problematic.



HANNOVER MESSE 2017 to focus on connectivity

Today's Motor Vehicles, February 2017


Companies to discuss Industry 4.0 technologies to improve manufacturing efficiency, quality.



Integrate Pneumatic Safety Devices into Controls

The JOURNAL Magazine, February 2017


See how engineering-in safety has changed in the last several years because of new components and systems.



PACK EXPO Innovations Report Part Two

Packaging World, February 2017


Last month in Part One we covered machinery, materials, pharmaceuticals, and analysis. This time around we take a look at Controls, Cloud & IoT, e-Commerce, and Workforce Development.



Configurable Transport System

Automation World, January 2017

The Multi-Carrier-System from Siemens and Festo delivers flexible, Industry 4.0-ready intralogistics.



Robot-Like Cleaner Uses Pneumatics to Scale Large Surfaces

Hydraulics & Pneumatics, January 2017


Designing a remote-controlled, pneumatic cleaner that can travel upside down as well as along the sides of huge ships takes rethinking design parameters and the right components.



Automation + Jobs: Not a Zero-Sum Equation

Automation World, January 2017


The advance of automation is eliminating some jobs. It’s also creating others. The disconnect between these two realities is not that good jobs in industry no longer exist, but that the requirements have changed. Fortunately, automation suppliers are stepping in to help.



PACK EXPO 2016 Innovations Report

Packaging World, January 2017


PACK EXPO 2016 and co-located Pharma EXPO was a record-breaker. Here's out team coverage of game-changing innovations.





Butterfly & Ball Valve Automation

Processing Magazine, December 2016


Proper equipment and control type selection are key for efficient and cost-effective operation.


An Evolution for Manufacturing, A Revolution for Training

Manufacturing Business Technology, October 2016


The digitization of manufacturing through advancements such as the Industrial Internet of Things and Industry 4.0 has radically changed production.



Smart Motion Boosts Machine Productivity

Automation World, September 2016


Collaborative robotics, simplified machine design and other automation advances are helped in large part by intelligence in motion control.



Pneumatic Automation Upgrade

Water and Wastewater International, September 2016


German water supply company Landeswasserversorgung saved 10% on investment and operating costs by upgrading to a pneumatic automation solution for a new groundwater filtration system.



IO-Link and the Industrial Internet of Things

Automation World, August 2016


The vendor-independent interoperability aspects of IO-Link make this non-fieldbus method of connecting plant floor devices and systems an appealing way to jump-start Internet of Things initiatives.



Four Key Dynamics Driving Effective Outsourcing Decision Making for Lab Automation OEMs

Automation & Microfluidics, August 2016


Laboratory automation device manufacturers need to stay flexible in their outsourcing strategies because their make-versus-buy decisions may change over time.



Mechatronics efficiency achieved by designing for functional excellence

Control Engineering, August 2016


Mechatronics design looks at complexity of interdisciplinary technologies, and there are a number of aspects such as teamwork, efficient design, and functionality that need to be considered.



Lab automation depends on accurate motion control

Assembly, August 2016


The advent of laboratory automation systems has made a significant impact on clinical diagnostics, drug discovery, food and agricultural research, and forensics. Indeed, consulting firm Markets and Markets predicts that global sales of lab automation will grow at a cumulative annual rate of 6.7 percent over the next five years, topping $5.1 billion by 2020.


Bridging the Gap Between Education and Advanced Manufacturing

Hydraulics & Pneumatics, July 2016


As advanced manufacturing moves into the fourth industrial revolution, more commonly known as Industry 4.0, industry professionals increasingly need to become well-versed in multiple disciplines within the automation arena, rather than limit their skills to one area of expertise.


From AVB to TSN in the automotive industry

Control Design, June 2016


Automotive industry’s push from audio video bridging into time-sensitive networking has advanced manufacturing’s quest for deterministic control.


Advancing Toward Safer Automation Design

Machine Design, June 2016


Progress made in safety regulations and standards, along with product safety features, helps ease integration of safety methods for motion-control systems.


What is time-sensitive networking?

Control Design, June 2016


TSN is purported to be the next step toward realizing an Industrial Internet of Things, but let’s define it and understand what it is.


Latest 3D Printer Design Inspired by Cocooning Caterpillars

Design News, June 2016


The engineering and design team at German robotics and automation company Festo are a prime example, with the introduction of a new 3D printer model aptly called the Cocooner, which was inspired by how caterpillars build cocoons.



How time-sensitive networking enables the IIoT

Control Design, June 2016


Industrial Internet Consortium’s TSN testbed brings suppliers together for interoperability and deterministic Ethernet.



Modern control valves offer communications, diagnostics

Control Engineering, May 2016


Better designs, modern materials, on-board intelligence, and communications in modern pneumatic control valves create opportunities and benefits for machine designers but also create new challenges that need to be addressed.


Festo participates in OPAK Industry 4.0 project

Automation, August 2015


Festo participates in OPAK Industry 4.0 project by helping develop a Multi-Carrier System machine transport system that enables high flexibility in work piece transfer.


More fascinating bionics projects from Festo

Robotics Tomorrow, August 2015


Festo has been working intensively on the topic of bionics since the early 90s. In 2006, the Bionic Learning Network was launched - an association of renowned universities, institutes and development companies.


What to consider when outfitting ball valves & actuators for transport

Water & Wastes Digest, August 2015


Ball valves are a common choice in water systems because they are inexpensive and have a high temperature and pressure tolerance. The valve works by rotating a metal sphere (the ball) with an empty cylinder (the bore) drilled through the center.


Robots and Their Killer Moves

Automation World, July 2015


The Robot Block Party is on at the Museum of Science and Industry (MSI) in Chicago this weekend, giving visitors a chance to "do the robot" at the dance party both Saturday and Sunday.


How fast and accurate automation equipment produces a precise Swiss watch

Control Design, July 2015


It was clear that only a rebot with delta kinematics could achieve the necessary flexibility and speed required to pick up the small parts in the working area.


Festo to Display Portfolio of Automation Products at AACC

Clinical Lab Products, July 2015


At AACC booth 3955, Festo, Hauppauge, NY, will display its EXCM mini H-gantry automated handling system for clinical laboratory applications.


Festo Showcases Automation Solutions for Clinical Laboratories at AACC 2015

Benzinga, July 2015


Festo features the EXCM mini H-gantry, one of the most effective desktop handling systems on the market today, a semi-automatic capper/decapper, a flexible pipetting system, a family of microfluidics dosing valves.


Manufacturing Plants Based on the Lego Principle

Laboratory Network, July 2015


Smaller batches and different types of product in the same plant - these are the market demands to which more and more manufacturers in the process industries need to adjust.


Modular Approach to Water Processing Control & Automation

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing, July 2015


"Lego" inspired control concept from Festo creates a better fitting, economical method to automate this critical utility.


Drive System Software

Tech Briefs, June 2015


Festo (Hauppauge, NY) introduced Positioning Drives software for designing single-axis drive systems. Engineers input application requirements and the software details the information necessary to create a Festo component part list.


Integrating Functional Pneumatic Safety Devices into Control Systems

Tech Briefs, June 2015


Over the past several years, control engineers have become adept at applying control systems to machine safety applications. The issue is that safety is a moving target.


At ACE14, Festo Demonstrates Solutions That Decrease Water Industry Field Service Time And Overall Costs

Water Online, June 2015


Festo showcases at ACE14, June 8-12 at the Boston Convention & Exhibition Center, solutions for lowering the time and associated costs in water industry field service.


Festo Introduces a Fresh Approach to Automating Water/Waste Water Systems at ACE 2015

Wn.com, June 2015


The new Festo methodology for automating process systems not only reduces the time and cost of manufacturing those systems, but also makes processing facilities more flexible in terms of meeting changing market conditions.


Festo's insect-inspired robots act like the real things

Engadget, March 2015


German automation company Festo is known for taking cues from nature when designing robots. This time, it has revealed futuristic-looking bionic ants, realistic robotic butterflies and a silicone gripper based on chameleons' tongue.


This Robot Arm's Water Balloon Gripper is Inspired by a Gecko's Tongue

Gizmodo, March 2015


Five fingers at the end of an arm has turned out to be a fantastic tool for humans, but coordinating so many digits is a lot to ask of a robot.


Assembly Lines Can Float Along Using These Levitating Rollers

Product Design & Development, March 2015


A hovering magnet from Festo demonstrates technology that could be integrated into factories monitored by the the Internet of Things.


Actuators Undergo Inventive Transformations

Design News, March 2015


Actuators are getting a makeover with new materials, smoother performance, and greater energy efficiency. They may look the same, and they may do essentially the same tasks they’ve done for decades, but below the surface, these tools are going through a metamorphosis.


Festo Piston-Spool Solenoid and Pneumatic Valves

Control Design, March 2015


The VS series of piston-spool solenoid and pneumatic valves and valve manifolds have a high flow rate and are suitable for simple clamping and locking operations.


eMotion Butterflies Demonstrate Coordinated Robotic Flight

Engineering, March 2015


Festo released new information about its eMotion butterflies last week, another project from their Bionic Learning Network. The butterflies follow the eMotion Spheres and the BionicOpter as Festo's continuing attempts to make smarter flying robots.


Siemens and Festo Display Optima Transport System

Automation, March 2015


Optima consumer GmbH is the first pilot customer for the multi-carrier-system developed jointly by Siemens and Festo.


Festo Didactic presents the CP Factory

Automation, March 2015


Festo Didactic presents the CP Factory with the newly developed CPS Gate for production lines – a module for the communication of process data.


Festo unveils its latest bio-creations

PneumaticTips, March 2015


Festo unveiled what they’ll be showing off at next month’s Hannover Fair.  Here’s a rundown on the trifecta.


Motion Control Analysis of Miniature Gantries

Control Engineering, February 2015

An increasing need for desktop automation tools is noticeable in numerous markets. Examples of life science applications include: film scanners, DNA analyzers, inkjet printers, assaying, and lab automation.


Hannover Fair Will Showcase Industry 4.0 Solutions

Control Design, February 2015


Exhibits demonstrate a host of innovative solutions for enhancing discrete and process manufacturing applications at Feb. 3 preview in Berlin.


Trends in Basic Pneumatic Solutions

Rockwell Automation, February 2015


Get a glimpse into diagnostics, safety, energy savings, I/O Link and other factors that are advancing pneumatic motion control.