Fluidic muscle

  • High force combined with a small diameter
  • Frequency up to 150 Hz
  • Frictionless movement
  • Hermetically sealed
  • Dirt-resistant

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Awards for Fluidic Muscle from Festo
Technical options

Connection variants

Pneumatischer Muskel: Anbindung aus Kunststoff Connection made of plastic
Pneumatischer Muskel: Anbindung nach Kundeanforderung Connection according to individual customer specifications
Pneumatischer Muskel: Integration Ventil / Druckregler in der Anbindung Integrating the valve / pressure regulating valve in the connection

Muscle in pushing version

Pneumatischer Muskel in drückender Ausführung
  • Sizes: 10 / 20 / 40 mm
  • Single acting, pushing
  • Max. permissible contraction: 25% of the nominal length
  • Force: 0 ... 6,000 N
  • With spring return

Muscle with volume reduction

Pneumatischer Muskel mit Volumenreduzierung
  • Reduced compressed air consumption
  • Improved response times

Membrane adjustment

Pneumatischer Muskel mit Membrananpassung

Adjustment of:

  • Diameter
  • Material
  • Labelling
  • Fibre geometry to adjust the force-displacement behaviour