Automation for battery manufacturing

Battery Cell Pack System

Wherever in the world you produce your batteries, Festo is there, providing suitable expertise, the right products and excellent service. We have proven ourselves many times over in a multitude of projects for leading battery manufacturers. As a single source supplier for all tasks, we offer a complete range of copper-free, zinc-free and dry-room-compatible components for battery manufacturing.

Linear gantries: quick and accurate stacking of battery cellsEnd-of-arm tools for handling battery modules and systemsThree-dimensional gantries: assembling battery systems weighing up to 150 kg


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Linear gantries: quick and accurate stacking of battery cellsEnd-of-arm tools for handling battery modules and systemsThree-dimensional gantries: assembling battery systems weighing up to 150 kg

Speed and precision for your battery manufacturing

From cells and module production to inserting the battery systems, Festo has high-speed, ready-to-install and tested handling systems for the entire battery manufacturing process.

Appropriate products for battery manufacturing


Servo press kit YJKP

The pre-assembled system kit comprising software, controller and hardware for electrical press-fitting and joining up to 17 kN. The pre-installed software is ready for use straightaway and intuitive to parameterise.

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Planar surface gantry EXCH

Planar surface gantry EXCH

Maximum dynamic response. The Cartesian high-speed handling unit EXCH can move freely around the entire rectangular working space. Its two fixed motors make it extremely dynamic and provide great acceleration; its moving dead weight is minimal, just like its power consumption.

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Solenoid valve VUVG, plug-in

Solenoid valve VUVG, plug-in

This universal valve has been newly designed on the inside and now offers an outstanding combination of high flow rates and a compact design. The entire VUVG range, as an individual valve or a valve terminal, is designed to cater precisely for all your requirements.

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Compact cylinders DPDM

Compact cylinders DPDM

Compact as it’s shorter and lighter and can be screwed on in a variety of ways. With fixed cushioning, a non-rotating or through piston rod, single or double-acting: exactly as you need it.

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Additional products for battery manufacturing

Battery manufacturing in the future

Innovative automation technology for e-mobility

Innovative automation technology for e-mobility

Electric vehicles are setting a trend. However, their success depends on high-performance and cost-effective batteries. In the UK, the pilot project AMPLiFII at WMG is laying the foundations for a new generation of traction batteries. The project includes innovative automation technology from Horizon Instruments with a Festo pick & place solution.

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Electromobility and automation manufacturers have confidence in us

Festo began supplying the global growth market that is electromobility with customised solutions in 2012. Today, Festo advises and supplies major global players like Tesla and Lucid Motors. The key components in Festo's success are its broad product range including copper-free products, its services and engineering tools as well as worldwide teams with specialist know-how and solution competence, providing customers with expert advice in project planning and conceptualisation.

Do the products survive the dry room?

Yes. You can use our standard components in dry room environments without any worries. This has been supported by laboratory tests and by practical experience with test systems as well as industrial production applications. The tests were carried out under ambient conditions with a dew point of -65° C. In all cases, products from Festo retain their quality characteristics in the dry room, especially where wear and performance are concerned.

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Festo electromobility

For the promising future market of electric vehicles, battery production is the critical factor. Be part of the move to unlock the full potential – with automation technology from Festo.

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