Hygienically safe and efficient automation solutions for cheese production in the dairy

Festo supports you in the complete production process with products, systems and services for automated milk processing

Pressing individual cheese blocks

Evenly increase the press pressure according to the cheese size

Solutions for stable pressing procedures to achieve high-quality, consistent shapes

    Special cylinder CRD for cheese pressing

Special cylinders D and CRD for cheese pressing

Easy-to-clean cylinder with low friction properties for different pressure levels

Closed variant as standard design D and open design CRD in stainless steel

  • Stick-slip-free for carrying out slow and even movements
  • Reinforced bearing and large piston rod to compensate for lateral forces


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    Clean and powerful: Clean Design standard cylinder DSBF from Festo

Clean and powerful: Clean Design standard cylinder DSBF

Corrosion-resistant, standard dimensions to ISO 15552. FDA-approved lubrication and seal in the basic design. Even faster start-up with the optional self-adjusting end-position cushioning PPS and perfect in conjunction with the corresponding sensor SMT-C1.


DSBF in the catalogue         Sensors SMT in the catalogue


    Precise pressing in meat processing: Festo's proportional valve VPPM

Precision metering: proportional pressure regulator VPPM

Perfectly controlled pneumatics – meets the highest requirements for stable pressure levels, for example in refinement processes in the food industry


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More about proportional valves

    Manually operated valve VHEM

Manually operated valve VHEM

Compact valve with high pneumatic performance of 1,000 l/min

  • Ambient and media temperature: -10 ... +60 °C
  • Actuating elements: pushbutton and finger lever


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    Pressure regulator MS12-LR-G-PE6

Pilot actuated pressure regulator MS12-LR-G-PE6

Diaphragm regulator with pneumatic setpoint specification

  • Standard nominal flow rate: 12,000 ... 21,000 l/min
  • Ambient temperature: 10 ... 50 °C


MS12-LR-G-PE6 in the catalogue

    Standards-based valves VSVA for valve terminals VTSA

Standards-based valves VSVA for valve terminals VTSA

Modular freedom: combine valves VSVA with valve terminal VTSA

  • Flexibility and easy installation thanks to modular structure
  • High throughput with 400 ... 1,400 l/min


Valve VSVA in the catalogue

Valve terminal VTSA in the catalogue