One-way flow control valve

One-way flow control valve VFOE

Barely thicker than a tube and just as lightweight, the one-way flow control valve can be mounted directly on the drive.

Push-in fitting

Push-in fitting QS

Round cylinder

Round cylinder DSNU-S

Slimmer and shorter than ever before. Ideal for tight installation spaces. Extremely sturdy thanks to its resilient materials.

Guided drive, metric

Guided drive, metric DFM

With the guided drive DFM, you can count on precise guidance and great absorption of torques and lateral forces, coupled with a sturdy, compact design. It is suitable for clamping, lifting and stopping applications.

Standards-based cylinder

Standards-based cylinder DSBC

Standards-based profile cylinder to ISO 15552 with a wide variety of mounting options.

Solenoid valve for individual connection

Solenoid valve for individual connection VUVG

This universal valve has been newly designed on the inside and now offers an outstanding combination of high flow rates and a compact design. The entire VUVG range, as an individual valve or a valve terminal, is designed to cater precisely for all your requirements.

Valve terminal

Valve terminal MPA-L

Valve terminal with sub-base in polymer technology.

Proximity switch

Proximity switch SDBT-MSX

Magnetoresistive cylinder switch for T-slot, can be used from above; extremely simple, quick and safe commissioning without power supply, precision adjustment and without readjustment: auto teach-in, programmable

Plastic tubing

Plastic tubing PEN

Its great flexibility and high abrasion resistance make the plastic tubing PEN versatile in use – at an attractive price.

Festo at a glance

Festo is both a global player and an independent family-owned company with companies in 61 countries. We supply automation technology and technical education solutions for more than 35 industries.

Festo worldwide

Facts and figures

  • 20.700 employees worldwide
  • 3.36 billion euro group turnover
  • 300.000 customers in factory and process automation
  • 36.000 fully equipped education facilities


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