Clean automated water engineering

Having a responsibility for water means having a duty of care. Water, especially drinking water, has become a valuable, often expensive commodity, which makes the efficient automation of water treatment and wastewater processes all the more important. This is because it cuts costs and simultaneously creates the prerequisites for maintaining a consistently high level of water quality. You can rely on our many years of experience and on being able to get everything from a single source.

Process valve automation from a single supplier

Our experience with industrial companies and in the municipal sector shows that concepts for drinking water and wastewater treatment are most effective when they are implemented consistently and in line with requirements. That is why Festo offers components and system solutions for the pneumatic automation of water treatment systems that work together seamlessly. This includes expert support during every phase of a project.

The earlier you involve us in your system engineering process, the greater the potential savings. Our list of references includes hundreds of projects completed all over the world, and each and every one of our customers now enjoys greater operational reliability, efficiency and productivity.

Extensive competency in water engineering

Festo supplies products and systems from the field to the control level. All our components are designed to work together seamlessly. We can provide suitable valve terminals, remote I/Os (with built-in CODESYS controller on request), positioners and sensor boxes, solenoid valves for quarter turn actuators, (closed-loop controlled) linear actuators, automated butterfly valves and ball valves, compressed air preparation, tubing and connection technology as well as complete control cabinets.

Support in all project phases

To us, project management means supporting customers during every stage of the project, from engineering, tendering, procurement and installation through to commissioning and on-site service. You can count on worldwide availability and expert sales support, and on the fact that automation will make your water treatment processes easier and more efficient. This is possible thanks to proven and innovative technology that is both reproducible and safe, and thus results in consistently good water quality. If you examine the total cost of ownership (TCO), you will see that this is also more cost-effective overall.

Automation solutions for all areas of water engineering

Industrial water engineering

Industrial water engineering

Industrially manufactured skids are now considered state of the art for water and wastewater treatment. We offer you, whether you are a manufacturer or an operator, control and automation solutions that enable you to react quickly and flexibly to changes and that simplify maintenance tasks.
We will support you from developing to commissioning your system and are your partner for customised, fast and flexible solutions for both large and small systems.

Our automation solutions are already used in these areas:

  • Fixed-bed filtration (in reservoirs/tanks)
  • Membrane filtration (micro-, ultra- and nanofiltration)
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Ion exchange
  • Membrane bioreactors

Municipal water treatment

Municipal water treatment

Operators, planners and constructors of municipal water treatment systems are increasingly faced with the challenge of saving energy and cutting costs while also producing water of the highest quality. With automation solutions from Festo, you can exploit savings potential in new construction and modernisation projects and benefit from innovative technology, from system engineering to ongoing operation.

Our automation solutions are already used in these areas:

  • Inflow
  • Pumping stations (sludge/raw water)
  • Mixing and metering processes
  • Coagulation and flocculation
  • Fixed-bed filtration
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Distribution

Municipal wastewater treatment

Municipal wastewater treatment

In municipal wastewater treatment systems, operators, planners and constructors are required to reduce energy consumption and cut costs on the one hand, while ensuring the highest water quality on the other. When building new systems or modernising existing ones, you can rely on automation solutions from Festo and fully exploit your savings potential by using innovative technology. We are your partner, from system engineering to ongoing operation.

Our automation solutions are already used in these areas:

  • Stormwater overflow basins
  • Debris traps
  • Sand/grease traps
  • Primary settlement tanks
  • Pumping stations (wastewater/sludge)
  • Aeration tanks
  • Secondary settlement tanks
  • Digestion towers
  • Drainage
  • Activated carbon filter
  • Microstrainers

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Apps and software for PCs, mobile devices, and Festo products

Your easy introduction to the digitalisation of water treatment plants. You can find apps for the Motion Terminal VTEM and other digital products such as design tools and maintenance software in our App World.

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