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Universal and safe

It always works and you can always rely on the modular cylinder switch system SMT-8M-A in combination with Festo drives – they are perfectly matched and are also reliable and easy to install. With cable chain and robot installation as standard, it ensures excellent cable quality and guarantees greater system availability as well as increased flexibility.

Maximum efficiency
Time-consuming re-ordering of special variants and costly warehousing are eliminated. With IP65, IP68 and IP69k, they can also be used in harsh environments.

They are the first electronic switches ever to be suitable for temperatures down to −40 °C.

Totally reliable
A second LED provides help during mounting as it visually indicates the correct installation position. This prevents switching point losses, caused for example by the settling behaviour of the drive, vibration or shock.


Help with installation

in the form of a second LED which indicates the correct switching position via a signal

Mounting with one hand

Specially shaped strain relief at the cable outlet that automatically holds the switch when pressed in

Cable quality

The standard configuration is suitable for cable chains and robot applications, providing excellent cable quality without the need to order via the modular system or incurring extra costs.

Temperature range

Lower temperature range
down to −40 °C: the first electronic switch for low-temperature applications

Upper temperature range
Up to +85 °C

Operating voltage range

5 ... 30 V: for directly integrating the output signal in TTL circuits

The technical highlights presented by the product manager