Smartenance - Mobile digital maintenance manager
Smartenance - Mobile digital maintenance manager

Smartenance - Mobile digital maintenance manager

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The digital maintenance manager for production managers and plant operators enables digital paperless maintenance management. Maintenance tasks and plans can be flexibly created, duplicated and subsequently evaluated. Intelligent user management enables fast team collaboration and increases the efficiency of your maintenance management. Smartenance is quick to install for everyone, self-explanatory and an easy and cost-effective introduction to digitization. Test here for free.


Preventive plant maintenance is a time-consuming process, most of which is still documented with pen and paper.Maintenance plans are lost, the equipment documentation is located in cabinets far away from the machine and the printed and filed maintenance manual must be updated manually and replaced if necessary. We make it easier, faster and safer - with Smartenance, Festo's digital maintenance manager.

Festo Smartenance consists of two parts: A mobile maintenance calendar as an app for smartphones and tablets and a web browser interface (dashboard) for production managers. The dashboard, with which the maintenance tasks will be managed and documented, can be accessed conveniently with a web browser and the app can be downloaded and installed from the well-known App Stores of Apple and Google.

The advantages of digital maintenance are obvious: The system operator always has the maintenance calendar of his machine on a mobile device at hand and receives all necessary information on the tasks directly on his smartphone or tablet. The production manager can monitor all his plants in one Dashboard and can see at a glance which tasks urgently need to be completed or which feedback was sent by his colleagues regarding possible problems or delays. With Smartenance, coordination effort can be reduced and work can be done more efficiently.

Smartenance is offered as a subscription in four levels. Thanks to the size gradation, the number of machines to be maintained in your production can be optimally represented.

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Détails techniques

Specification of services:

Smartenance is a cloud application consisting of a web browser interface (dashboard) and an app for tablets and smartphones (operating devices). The dashboard allows users to create maintenance plans and manage their devices and users via a web browser at . You can also evaluate the feedback for maintenance tasks. To use the Smartenance maintenance calendar on mobile operating devices, licenses are required. These licenses are available in packages of different sizes. Depending on the respective license package, the features listed here are available to you:

Licence package

Number of users for the web browser interface

Number of device licenses

(App for Tablets / Smartphone)

Available storage space

25 licenses



50 GB

10 licenses



20 GB

5 licenses



10 GB

2 licenses



4 GB

Trial month



10 GB

Users are defined as persons who have administrative functions. This includes creating maintenance schedules, working out maintenance tasks, accessing feedback on maintenance tasks and managing mobile devices. Users can also add other users in the application.

A device license enables the connection of a mobile operating device (tablet or smartphone) to the respective Smartenance account. The maintenance calendar for the maintenance personnel or machine operators runs on the mobile operating unit. The device licenses can be withdrawn from a device as often as desired and added to a new device (floating license). The use of mobile operating devices is available immediately after registration or license purchase.

The available storage space is available for all data of an account. If this is exceeded, the upload of images is no longer possible.


The purchase of licenses is handled as a subscription. The corresponding amount due will be invoiced monthly, at the beginning of a license period. The minimum period for the purchase of a license package is 3 months. Subsequently, the contract and the associated license period are automatically extended by a further month in each case.


A cancellation of the subscription is possible at any time and will become effective at the end of the license period. In the event of termination within the three-month minimum term, this will only take effect after the 3 months have elapsed.

Extending the scope of services (upgrade):

An upgrade to a larger license package is possible at any time. The scope of services of the new license package is available immediately after an upgrade and an invoice for the new amount due will be sent to you. The new contract term with a minimum duration of 3 months begins at the time of purchase of the larger license package. Claims to the services of the replaced license package are lost by purchasing the upgrade. If the update is performed during the minimum term, the existing license agreement is replaced by the upgrade and terminated. Outstanding payment obligations under the replaced license agreement expire after an upgrade.

Exigences techniques

The Smartenance dashboard (web browser interface) is optimized for the following web browsers: Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge. In addition, the application is supported by other browsers.

To use the Smartenance maintenance calendar, you can download and install the mobile application (App for maintainers/machine operators) for Android or iOS from the Google Playstore and Apple App Store to your mobile device. In the App Stores mentioned, the respective terms of use apply.

If you do not have an account yet you can register here for free:

Only one license package can be used per account.