Pretzel-twisting machine for automation in the baking industry

Efficient automation in the baking industry

We supply efficient and easy-to-clean automation solutions for the production of baked goods and confectionery. From stocking raw materials to dough production, baking and packaging, Festo provides components, ready-to-install system solutions and suitable services for your production process.

We have the right solution for these requirements:

  • Time-saving cleaning with components in clean design
  • Functionality of components at high and low temperatures
  • Drives for precise cutting with reproducible results
  • Solutions for reliable packaging with high flexibility

We are your automation specialist throughout the complete production process

Production line for baked goods

Find out here how we can support you in every stage of the process

1. Raw materials processing

Raw materials processing in the baking production process

The right choice of process valves is key when handling raw ingredients for food. Process automation from Festo offers a complete range of process valves and innovative products such as the pinch valve VZQA, with versions available for use in the food industry (FDA, Regulation EC No 1935/2004).

2. Food and compressed air quality

Control cabinet for clean compressed air preparation

Great care has to be taken whenever compressed air comes into contact with food. This is because compressed air is not clean by nature. Application-specific compressed air preparation ensures the highest possible level of safety for food, consumers and producers.

White paper on compressed air quality (PDF)

3. Loading and unloading stations (handling baking trays)

Loading and unloading of baking trays

Electric automation from Festo offers you a constantly growing portfolio of pneumatic alternatives for delivering and stacking or removing your baking trays. This increases the service life of your baking trays, thus reducing the costs for replacements – all without compressed air preparation.

4. Food safety made easy

Clean design valve terminal MPA-C

Food production is a matter of trust and food safety is essential to a brand. Anything that ends up on a table must be produced hygienically. That requires a smart system design and food-safe components that support the production process – simply, efficiently and reliably. Festo offers the right automation solutions as well as the necessary industry expertise for the production of safe food.

More about food safety

5. Packaging

Packaging bread rolls

Safe and efficient packaging is a must. Our portfolio of electric and pneumatic technology will help you to find the best made-to-measure customised solution for your application.

Find out more about automation in the packaging industry

Suitable products for the baking industry

Air preparation combination units

Air preparation combination units

For the highest requirements for compressed air quality.

Optionally with energy efficiency module MSE6-E2M to monitor and control the compressed air supply fully automatically.

Valve terminal

Valve terminal MPA-C

The MPA-C can be used in even the most challenging environments as it is easy to clean, corrosion-resistant and has IP69K. The materials are FDA-compliant and NSF-H1 grease is included.

Automation system

Automation system CPX-AP-I

With the new I/O system CPX-AP-I in IP65/IP67, powerful I/O modules and existing valve terminal connections can be integrated into the most important host systems, including an IO-Link master.

Electric cylinder

Electric cylinder ESBF

With a dynamic feed force of up to 17 kN, the extremely powerful electric cylinder ESBF comes into its own wherever heavy-duty and reliable positioning as well as precision and dynamic response are needed.

Round cylinder

Round cylinder CRDSNU

Stainless steel round cylinder CRDSNU in clean design: extremely easy to clean and with excellent resistance to cleaning agents and disinfectants. You can confidently use CRDSNU in applications with direct contact with food.

Pinch valve

Pinch valve VZQA

Normally closed or normally open? The choice is yours. With the pinch valve VZQA, you can control media flows such as granulate, fluids containing solids and highly viscous or abrasive media even better. The compact valve is quick to install, easy to clean and offers modular configuration.

Adaptive gripper finger

Adaptive gripper finger DHAS

Gentle gripping, low-vibration transport, depositing without impact – the versatile, adaptive gripper finger DHAS will also impress you with its great feel for all sensitive surfaces and delicate materials.

Handling Guide Online – designing handling systems

Configure the right handling system, from a single-axis solution to a 3D gantry, quickly and easily with the Handling Guide Online. You only need to enter the axis definition, payload, etc. and in just 20 minutes you will have a perfect ready-to-order system. We supply it together with CAD data and commissioning files, either ready to install or partially assembled.

Start the Handling Guide Online

OEE – increasing system availability

High system availability can be planned. The key indicators for overall equipment effectiveness are availability, performance and quality. These examples show how you can reduce downtimes and increase cycle rates while maintaining top quality.

OEE – Increasing system efficiency (PDF)