Green skills

The quest for a more sustainable world is shaping today's workplace and redefining the demands on professional skills. Mastering global energy challenges requires high-quality technical education that stimulates and encourages innovation and efficiency. Be part of the solution. Take advantage of our expertise to enhance your technical education and training programs and promote relevant sustainability skills.

Sustainability is a guiding principle.

More and more organisations and companies are integrating sustainability into their strategic planning and using practical methods to achieve specific environmental sustainability goals, such as resource optimisation, waste reduction, pollution prevention and carbon footprint reduction. To be truly successful requires having a workforce with the right skills to be able to apply and implement these methods and measures.

A wide range of comprehensive, practical training solutions provides current and future workers with the skills they need for industry, regardless of whether they are entering industry for the first time or looking to re-skill or upskill.

Students in vocational and technical education, MINAT (mathematics, information technology, natural sciences, arts and technology), secondary education, research and industrial human resource development benefit from learning journeys that include the development of green skills in different technical areas to promote environmental sustainability. These areas include factory automation, process automation and water management, renewable energy generation, electronics, fluid engineering and many more.

Greening the curriculum helps to meet the demand for workers in all sectors as well as in the green economy. Training programs can easily address sustainability topics such as decarbonisation and carbon footprints, the energy revolution, resource and energy efficiency, electrification of industry, electric mobility, renewable energy, smart grids and sustainable production.

Environmentally friendly skills are relevant for all professions.

Sustainability is everyone's business; it is not just for environmental scientists or green professions. Technical professionals in all sectors need to develop an environmentally-conscious mindset. They need to be able to identify opportunities for improvement, challenge the status quo and solve problems through innovation in their work environment in a way that has a positive impact on the environmental footprint of their employers, partners and customers.

In addition to technical skills and knowledge, workers also need soft skills such as critical thinking, communication, creativity and collaboration to facilitate decision-making and problem-solving in a fast-changing environment.

Follow the blue path to a sustainable future.

Chart a successful course. A comprehensive collection of training content helps students learn exactly what they need, at their own pace. This creates a stimulating learning experience adapted to the latest educational trends such as distance learning, digitalisation, individualisation and lifelong learning. Teachers are provided with ready-to-use content and resources to accelerate the development of lesson plans and assessments so they can more easily integrate and teach sustainability topics. We help you to set up learning journeys that optimise successful learning.

Our wide range of training packages, teaching systems and factories enable students to develop practical skills. A modular design creates flexibility, while industrial components ensure that the content is realistic and useful in the long run. Digital tools facilitate laboratory work and deepen understanding. When integrated into the training content, these elements contribute to a straightforward, comprehensive and relevant learning experience.

Training solutions include first-class support services such as train-the-trainer courses for teachers, installation, commissioning, lab planning, etc., ensuring the most favourable conditions for maximising the return on your investment.

Promote the development of a skilled workforce in important sustainability-related areas:

Bionics projects inspire MINAT students

Inspiring young people.

Education in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) is the key to sustainable development. It fosters the creativity and innovation needed to produce citizens and a skilled workforce ultimately capable of tackling global problems. Engage students from an early age with stimulating STEM training solutions that will get them excited about careers in science and technology.

Take advantage of our expertise.

Use our extensive network of education and technology experts to support your teaching and training courses. We provide you with the resources with which you can train a skilled, environmentally-conscious workforce that can contributes to the sustainable development of your local environment and the world.

You can rely on our knowledge, experience and training solutions for all your technical education and training projects to achieve the maximum impact on workforce development, regardless of the scale.

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