Biotech, pharmaceutical and cosmetics automation

Solutions for the biotechnology, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industry

Up-to-date automation makes your systems more flexible and saves time when changing batches. In addition, intelligently automated systems ensure efficient production processes and reproducible product quality. Whether you need to store and transport raw materials, produce chemical and biotechnical APIs, produce modern mRNA vaccines, or formulate, fill, package and palletise – Festo is your partner for the entire production process.

Increased productivity from a single source

We have been working closely with machine and plant manufacturers for the biotech, pharmaceutical and cosmetics industries for decades. Our experience in automation as well as high-quality, tried-and-tested components ensure high plant and system availability.

We support you along the entire value chain with flexible automation concepts tailored to your needs, and with services ranging from planning and procurement to installation and commissioning as well as on-site service. We offer products, modules and ready-to-install solutions, engineering tools and services as well as practical support from a single source: simple, perfectly coordinated and available worldwide.

For motion and handling applications, we offer both pneumatic and electric automation solutions from a single source. That's why we can provide technology-neutral advice, focusing solely on your application.

Efficient automation for research and quality assurance in laboratories

Shorten time to market with fast, accurate and repeatable results. From identifying and checking the sample carriers to opening and closing sample vials and dispensing liquids, with Festo you can implement customised applications for sample preparation in the smallest of spaces.

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Practical application examples

Corrosion-resistant components

Isolator with rubber gloves for opening the vessels

Cleanliness is a top priority in the pharmaceutical industry and production equipment must always be thoroughly cleaned after each use. And of course this makes the system prone to wear. Or, like our customer ROTAN GmbH, you can choose corrosion-resistant stainless steel components from Festo as they are more resistant.

Safe cleaning systems for the pharmaceutical industry

Standardisation for increasing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE)

Infusion solutions

For its new plant, B.Braun wanted to increase productivity, improve process reliability and, at the same time, reduce operating costs. This was achieved by working with Festo to standardise and decentralise pneumatic automation technology throughout the plant.

Infusion solutions

Control cabinets and mounting plates for process automation

Control cabinets and mounting plates for process automation

Pneumatic control cabinets, valve terminals, compressed air distribution stations or ready-to-install mounting plates are used in all areas of production. We support you worldwide, from the design to the delivery of ready-to-connect solutions, even in potentially explosive atmospheres. We also manage large-scale projects with several 10,000 IO points and thousands of process valves, for instance in the large-scale plasma fractionation plant at Biotest AG.

Efficient use of blood plasma

Quarter-turn valves

New plant at Boehringer Ingelheim

We respond flexibly to your needs with global and local solutions so that configuring and automating ball valves and butterfly valves is really easy. Whether we buy the valves you need locally or configure them from our catalogue makes no difference to us. You decide, we deliver. Simple, standardised and everything from a single source. Read more about how the close cooperation with Boehringer Ingelheim has resulted in an exceptional solution in process automation.

When the chemistry is right, so are the physics

Modular, decentralised automation in bulk solids technology

The modular electrical terminal CPX with integrated, decentralised controller CEC and valve terminal MPA

The world of bulk material handling seems straightforward at first glance: moving, filling, delivering. However, the art of dealing with a variety of different materials is in the details, such as the docking and undocking of containers at weighing stations. In the process, cross-contamination can occur and dust can be released. The AZO CleanDock prevents this problem. Its latest generation can do even more: it “thinks” for itself. Directly and decentrally attached to the dock, the integrated controller CEC of the modular electrical terminal CPX from Festo ensures additional process reliability and shortened commissioning times.

The dock that “thinks” for itself

Safe assembly and joining tasks for insulin pens

The fast way to a safe insulin pen

The servo press kit YJKP from Festo performs three joining and press-fitting steps: from inserting the cartridge, needle and spring to inserting the glass and plastic covers. The precisely adjustable press-fitting and joining forces ensure consistent quality and low reject rates. The automated systems ensure that the insulin pens from the system from Syntegon Technology Sandved are always in order and can deliver the exact amount of insulin to the patient.

The fast way to a safe insulin pen.

Precisely dosed with digital pneumatics

The flexible flat pouch machine Sigpack VPF from Bosch Packaging Technology uses automation from Festo

Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics are now often packaged in small and inexpensive sachets. Flexibility is a must when manufacturing different products and packaging sizes on one machine. That is why the world's first freely scalable pouch machine from Bosch Packaging Systems uses the digital pneumatics of the Festo Motion Terminal.

Precisely dosed

Multi-axis handling systems

No matter what you want to move, transport or pack, multi-axis handling systems from Festo move your workpieces and products in all three dimensions. Pneumatic, electric or a combination of both – perfectly coordinated

Customised packaging made easy

Palletising systems

Before the packaged goods are sent to the warehouse, they are automatically stacked on pallets. But there is not enough room for classic robots everywhere. Festo palletising systems can be installed so they take up little space, either directly in, as an extension of or next to a packaging machine.