Digital learning

Digitalisation is changing the world of learning

Just like the industry itself, there is an ongoing process of change happening in vocational training too. The digital transformation is not only changing which competencies need to be obtained as part of technical vocational or advanced training, but also how these can be acquired. Technological progress is therefore producing many innovative forms of learning, which offer new opportunities for the training sector together with modern didactic learning concepts.

What do ‘digital learning’ and ‘eLearning’ mean?

Digital learning is now an integral concept in modern training. It refers to learning supported by digital media and technology, learning with digital tools or learning in digital learning environments. Although the term has become common in the training sector, learning remains a cognitive process, i.e. a process that takes place in the brain, and is by no means automated. The idea of being able to download knowledge directly into the memory inside your head may sound appealing but it remains a dream for now.

Nevertheless, digital learning media can not only make learning more fun, but can also help learners to achieve their objectives more quickly and more sustainably.

More than just technology – didactic strategy

One thing is for sure: digital technology cannot be an end in itself in training. Instead, its use needs to be targeted in order to achieve clearly defined training objectives. A didactic concept that integrates criteria to support learning is therefore essential in unlocking the full potential of digital learning support.

Digital learning for your requirements

All of our learning solutions have one thing in common: the aim of practical competence. We are not seeking to teach pure knowledge – we want to equip students to make targeted use of the skills they have acquired in practice. That is why we always combine theory modules with practical training in our training systems. Modern digital learning solutions help you to link both aspects together effectively.