Motion Terminal VTEM

Digitised pneumatics: The Motion Terminal VTEM is the world's first to use valves whose functions are controlled by apps. The intelligent technology consists of pneumatics, sensors, electronics and software and enables many movement and monitoring tasks.
  • Many functions for movement, pressure and flow in one component – thanks to apps
  • Maximum repeat accuracy thanks to digital parameter sets
  • Easy to trace – ideal for the Industry 4.0
  • Easy to duplicate the parameters
  • Increased energy efficiency
  • Reduced complexity and time to market
  • Increasing profitability and know-how protection
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Minimal installation effort
  • Sustainable operation with pressure-reduced return stroke and leakage detection
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Top in every field

The Festo Motion Terminal really comes into its own in the pneumatic regulation of motion, pressure and flow rate. When you combine these three functions in an application, the incredible potential offered by digitised pneumatics quickly becomes clear. The app-controlled pneumatics, the valve structure with many more degrees of actuation freedom and the integrated data acquisition and data processing make pneumatics fit for the future, especially for Industry 4.0.

The following three applications show you the variety of motions that can be freely combined with the Motion Terminal, including for retrofitting your system.

The applications in detail

Highly flexible pick & place

With the Motion Terminal VTEM, you can realise all the functions in your pick & place application in just one system. There is no longer a need for components like shock absorbers, flow control valves, etc. Since Motion Apps now take over many tasks and replace complicated mechanical structures, the design process is much easier. The process data can be read out at any time so you can respond quickly to deviations and thus ensure consistent quality.

Control several flow rates simultaneously

The Motion App “Flow control” makes the process of filling containers such as bottles with nitrogen or other gases more cost-effective. The flow for up to eight channels is controlled simultaneously. Thanks to precise dosing, you also save a significant amount of nitrogen. Digitised nitrogen control is tamper-proof, flexible, and, thanks to the Motion App “Selectable pressure level”, even shortens cycle times.

Perform complex processes in parallel

The Motion App “Selectable pressure level” lets you control up to eight double-acting cylinders that simultaneously perform different machining operations on a plastic tank. The digitised pressure control allows the correct working pressure to be set for each individual cylinder without any external sensors. You can thus achieve optimum process reliability and save compressed air in many areas.