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FluidDraw 365

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FluidDraw lets you create pneumatic, hydraulic and electric circuit diagrams quickly and easily. The software facilitates the documentation of complete plants as well as the creation of simple sketches.


Create professional projects including drawing frames and title blocks with FluidDraw. Access an extensive standard symbol library for this purpose or insert products directly via the integrated Festo product catalog. Equipment designations are assigned automatically and can be adapted as required. Part data and circuit information can be output in automatically generated evaluations.
If you have individual requirements, simply adapt the ready-made templates to your needs: Create your own symbols, libraries, product databases, evaluations or drawing frames quickly and easily.
The setup can be downloaded from our support portal: Setup FluidDraw 
To start FluidDraw, a license is required.



All FluidDraw licenses are network licenses. The number of licenses determines the maximum number of users that can work with FluidDraw simultaneously. The licenses can be activated on a server as well as locally on a PC or notebook.
The licenses are provided in the form of a ticket directly after purchase and can be activated immediately in FluidDraw. They are valid for one year and are automatically renewed. It is possible to cancel the subscription at any time.


Functional Overview

Symbol libraries - simple and standard-compliant
  • Complete neutral pneumatic and hydraulic symbol library according to ISO 1219-1
  • Complete neutral electrical symbol library - DIN EN 60617
  • Intelligent and automated equipment marking - DIN EN 81346-2
  • Extension with user-defined symbol libraries
  • Extensive symbol library for all Festo products
  • GRAFCET support
Creating circuit diagrams - fast and convenient
  • Insert additional symbols without disconnecting the connection lines
  • Automatic connection of connection points (Autoconnect)
  • Automated creation of complete symbols for configurable Festo products, e.g. valve terminal
  • Intelligent line routing with support points for direction changes
  • Alignment aid for the arrangement of symbols
  • Automatically updating cross-references
  • Overview window for navigation on the worksheet (magnifying glass function)
  • 256 drawing levels
Drawing - intuitive and versatile
  • Geometric drawing elements for 2D layout plans
  • Create and archive your own symbols
  • Drawing using coordinates, length, width, radius
  • Dimensioning (mm, cm, inch)
  • Simple tables
Managing - clear and structured
  • Manage multiple sheets in one project
  • Project structuring via subfolders
  • Open multiple projects at the same time
  • Manage project templates
Reporting - complete documentation, simple and advanced
  • Parts lists
  • Contact diagrams
  • Terminal diagrams
  • Cable diagrams (tabular wiring overview)
  • Hose lists (tabular wiring overview)
  • Table of contents
  • Completely customizable evaluations
Product data - complete parts list information
  • Search via integrated Festo catalog
  • User-defined product databases/catalogs with search functions
  • Access to the Festo shopping cart
  • Circuit generation of Festo valve terminals including optional division into several sheets
  • Direct access to online services, such as data sheets or documentation in the circuit diagram
Translation - easy to multilingual documentation
  • Automatic translation of Festo product designations
  • User-defined translation tables can be set
  • Different language settings for different program levels
Interfaces - easy and efficient data exchange
  • Data export to Festo online shopping cart
  • Data import from integrated offline version of Festo catalog
  • Import / export of graphic formats (BMP, DXF, GIF, JPG, PNG, TIF, WMF, SVG)
  • Import / export of parts lists (TXT, CSV)
  • PDF export including hyperlinks
  • Import / export of own product databases (TXT, CSV)
  • Import / export of own translation tables (TXT, CSV)
  • Import / export of program settings


Technical Requirements

Operating System Windows 8 or higher is required.