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Expansion package

Expansion package

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This software expansion package for the servo press kit YJKP includes force control, an OPC UA connection and the extended sequencer, among other things.

With the software expansion, the servo press kit YJKP can be adapted even more precisely to the application and the specific task. Selected functions can be conveniently downloaded and installed.

Force control

The force control is realised by a closed-loop system of the force sensor with the press controller. The force is kept constant over a time set by the customer. This is a additional function of the sequencer were press programs becomes paramerisated. The force-time curve is stored continuously during this process. It is possible to switch between different graph types during operation. Depending on the task, the reference/press-fitting curve can be visualised in different graphs. This enables a clear statement about the progress of the press-fitting process.

OPC UA connection

An OPC-conform driver for the press controller facilitates integration into the customer’s control and monitoring systems.

Jump function with comparison

The standard sequencer of the servo press kit is extended using jump functions. This provides the customer with further new options for program design and creation – without complicated programming in the plant controller. The selection of a jump target happens within the press process as soon as a value figure met a certain condition.

Test values/value figures: current position/force, variable, input/output

Conditions: < ≤ ≥ > = ≠

Extended force operation

With the extended force operation, the electric cylinder can be positioned without reaching a "force overshoot" until a preset target force is reached. As soon as the set maximum position is reached prematurely, the aborting of the pressing process takes place.

Technical Requirements

Minimum requirements for PC/tablet

  • Web browser with Java Script and support for HTML5 Canvas, e.g. Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer ≥ version 9
  • Screen resolution 1024 x 768 pixels

Access is via entry in the address bar: http://<<IP address>>:8080/servo_press_kit.htm