FESS Portal - Pneumatics Sustainability Check - Subscription License
FESS Portal - Pneumatics Sustainability Check - Subscription License

FESS Portal - Pneumatics Sustainability Check - Subscription License

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The FESS Portal is a web-based platform and a mobile app for the on-site capture of compressed air energy efficiency measures and for the quantification of energy losses, costs, and savings in real time.


The web-based online portal with mobile app makes all results and analysis data of the inspection and leakage detection of pneumatic components globally available in real time, with user-defined access rights. The recommended actions, ranked in order of priority, are also described on the portal. This enables you to optimize the compressed air energy efficiency and realize potential savings. You will also find the spare parts required for optimization on the portal, which you can order directly online with one click.


The FESS Portal license is a customer and not a user related license, the license grants the generation of projects regardless of the number of users. 


Subscription license (1 year)

With the subscription license for one year, the users of a portal can do unlimited number of projects with unlimited number of users.
The license is valid for one year and is automatically renewed. It is possible to cancel the subscription at any time.



  • On-site data-capture of energy efficiency measures using the mobile app or the web-based portal:
    • Leaking, worn or damaged products
    • Improper use of pneumatic products or compressed air
  • Quantification of energy losses, costs, and savings in real time
  • Management of the improvement of the energy efficiency of the system:
    • Repairs: simple and fast with the help of the FESS Portal
    • Spare parts: Thanks to the unique QR-codes, quick assignment of the location where the required spare parts are needed
  • TÜV certified ISO 11011 energy efficiency report
  • Available in more than 17 languages
  • More than 500 mathematical calculations for the evaluation of the results


  • All energy efficiency projects stored in one Portal:
    • Projects carried out by third party companies
    • Projects carried out by the customers
  • Customers get full write access to the FESS Portal:
    • Leakage detections and pneumatic inspections can be carried out by the customers
    • Full access control – customers decide who has read or write access
    • Customers can make changes to projects at any time
  • Comparability of the results of projects:
    • Projects carried out in the same plant, but in different time period
    • Projects carried out in different plants