Festo Motion Terminal


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Position freely over the entire working stroke and control the cylinder movement using limit values for the speed, acceleration and jerk parameters. Gentle positioning is possible by specifying the limit values. For selected series up to strokes of 300 mm.


Motion App Positioning enables free positioning of pneumatic drives over the entire stroke. By measuring the piston position using analogue sensors, the algorithm knows the exact position of the cylinder piston at all times. Dynamic setpoint settings for position and maximum speed allow highly individual pneumatic positioning tasks to be implemented.

Supplementary settings for maximum acceleration, deceleration and jerk provide limit values for online path planning, enabling optimum motion sequences to be executed as a function of moving mass, direction of motion and coefficients of friction. The application provides valuable support for controlled point-to-point motion with optimum motion speed and low impact energy, pre-positioning for reduced cycle times, synchronization and servo positioning of pneumatic drives. For fast commissioning, the integrated teach-in run supports both the detection of the exact mounting position and the identification of the static and dynamic coefficients of friction of the cylinder used. The identified coefficients of friction can be read out via the transfer mode provided in the bus communication. With regular execution of the teach-in run and comparison of the read-out data in the host PLC, the modification of coefficients of friction can be used for maintenance purposes.

Technical Requirements
Cannot be used on a Motion Terminal with eight valves!