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Swing clamp cylinder CLR

The CLR swing clamp cylinder is used for clamping of all kinds. Through the combination of the linear and swivel motion of the piston rod, it is possible to insert and remove workpieces even beyond the clamping range. This is realized with this clamp cylinder from an integrated link made of high-performance polymer. With the material pairing of plastic and steel, the CLR from Festo has excellent running properties and an extended service life.
The pivoting movement of this cylinder can be selected between right or left-hand pivoting. In addition, this actuator is also available with linear stroke from diameter 40. The swivel direction can also be subsequently adjusted. Due to its compact dimensions, the CLR is also suitable for tight installation conditions. All in all, the CLR is a pneumatic clamping tool for a variety of applications and reliably clamps workpieces of all kinds from wood parts to sheet metal and printed circuit boards. The option with dust and welding spatter protection (K11-R8) has a surface-treated steel piston rod to protect against welding spatter and an additional hard wiper seal as dust protection. This makes this variant of the CLR ideal for use in welding applications.