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Selection Guide

Parallel gripper DHPS

As a standard gripper, this gripper can be used universally and versatilely in various applications across all industries. The pneumatic standard gripper has a high power density in the smallest space and offers an attractive price/performance ratio.

Parallel gripper HGPD

The robust pneumatic gripper is available in this version as a sealed version. The gripper kinematics are completely sealed and suitable for use in extremely harsh, e.g. dusty or wet ambient conditions.

Electric parallel gripper HGPLE

The electric and robust long stroke gripper enables gripping where no pneumatics are available or permitted. This electric parallel gripper can be used flexibly and under force control. The gripper jaws can be positioned and are actuated with the SFC-DC controller.

Parallel gripper HGPT

The robust parallel gripper can be used anywhere. The gripper jaws have a load-bearing T-slot, which ensures a high torque absorption. The oval piston offers 30% more force than conventional grippers. This gripper is also available as a high-force variant.

Parallel gripper HGPL

The gripper has synchronized gripper jaws with a very long stroke. The guide of the gripper jaws can absorb high torques and loads. Thanks to the large guide length of the gripper jaws, the gripper can flexibly grip parts of different sizes.

Parallel gripper HGPP

The precise parallel gripper offers the highest repetition accuracy due to the ball-bearing guide of the gripper jaws. This ensures a precise and exact grip. An integrated query electronics is available and provides information directly back to the controller.

Parallel gripper HGPM

The micro grippers have a very small and compact design. They grip very small parts safely and reliably. Different versions with stroke compensation, clamping flange or mounting flange offer flexible mounting options in the smallest installation space.