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Cartridge cylinders and multimount cylinders

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Multimount cylinder DMM, EMM

The DMM is a compact pneumatic cylinder with multi-sided mounting interfaces that allow multiple mounting options. Both a double-acting and a single-acting version are available as standard. An integrated spring achieves a pressureless return of the cylinder which, depending on the mounting position, causes the piston rod to retract or extend in the unpressurized status. The position of the piston can be detected by the sensor slots located on two sides. Another option is the anti-rotation device, in which the DMM is equipped with an integrated guide rod and a yoke plate. This eliminates the piston rod thread. Special applications can be achieved by options such as "through piston rod", "through hollow piston rod" and "heat resistant up to 120 °C".

Cartridge cylinder EGZ

The single-acting EGZ cartridge cylinder can be screwed directly into the system and operated with the continuous fastening thread that extends over the entire housing. In this case, an external O-ring provides the necessary sealing of the compressed air.
The EGZ cartridge cylinder is available with piston diameters of 6, 10 and 16 mm and strokes up to 15 mm. When depressurized, the single-acting piston rod cylinder is retracted. It is reset by a spring force.
Accessories for alternative cylinder installation and common push in fittings for connecting the air supply are available from Festo.