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Rotary indexing tables DHTG

The Festo pneumatic rotary indexing table DHTG is at the center of partial automations, assembly applications, and applications that require the use of compact and flexible rotary tables. Due to the wide range of options, the DHTG offers a suitable solution for a wide variety of applications.
The rotary indexing table DHTG can be used counterclockwise, clockwise or in a flexible reciprocating motion and thus offers maximum flexibility. Using different indexing conversion kits means the rotary indexing table can be adjusted to any of the graduations 2, 3, 4, 6, 8, 12, 24. In addition, adapter kits are available as accessories for the rotary indexing table. If required, fixed blank plates can be attached to the DHTG in this way.
An integrated overload protection in sizes 140 and 220 protects against mechanical damage. For safe operation, position sensing with inductive proximity sensors is also possible for all four sizes.
The combination of the rotary indexing table with an integrated energy through-feed, makes it possible for electrical signals and compressed air to be carried through the DRRD's hollow shaft. Even with continuous rotary movements, this enables quick and easy supply of the parts mounted on the rotary table, such as grippers. The rotary indexing table and energy through-feed represent a closed unit. This makes the system very compact and the individual elements are optimally matched to each other.