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Selection Guide

Standard stopper cylinder DFSP

The product family DFSP was specially developed for the fast and simple set-up of conveyor lines. Workpieces weighing up to 90 kg can be safely stopped. However, the actuator is also intended for other applications requiring high radial and impact forces in machines. The drive is available in different sizes and strokes. The permissible impact force on the advanced piston rod is up to 6280 N, depending on the size.
Different versions of the piston rod can be selected. In addition to the basic version, an internal thread with a centering hole can be selected. This allows customer-specific attachments at the end of the piston rod, such as centering pins. In addition, a roller version is available; this enables the piston rod to extend even if the stop point has not yet been completely traversed by the workpiece or workpiece carrier.
A magnet for optional position sensing is integrated in all versions. This enables space-saving sensing with integrated proximity switches. The range of this product family is rounded off with an optional anti-rotation device which ensures a constant position of the piston rod. The customer can order a flange as an accessory. As with all Festo cylinders, we offer comprehensive service and support.

Stopper cylinder with integrated cushioning DFST

The pneumatic stopper cylinder with toggle lever design and integrated cushioning enables smooth stopping and feed separation without vibration and noise. Heavy loads of up to 800 kg are safely stopped. Cushioning is achieved by a shock absorber integrated in the piston rod. Its damping force is adjustable, allowing one size to be used for different loads. This saves storage and spare part costs. This drive is available as a toggle lever design. The toggle lever design offers some advantages with respect to stop applications in transfer systems. The toggle lever is equipped with rollers. This allows the piston to be extended even when a workpiece or workpiece carrier is still above the stopper position.
A locking mechanism for the toggle lever can also be selected as an option. The toggle lever locking mechanism prevents the rebound of light workpiece carriers. In addition, the toggle lever locking mechanism enables a defined end position of the workpiece carrier. An external indexing pin can then be used for exact positioning. This also enables space-saving sensing with integrated proximity switches. In addition, a lever deactivating mechanism is available as an accessory.

Stopper cylinders STAF

The pneumatic stopper cylinder STAF with toggle lever design and integrated shock absorber is suitable for gentle stopping of workpieces with a mass of 12 to 40 kg. This means that even smaller masses can be stopped in a cushioned manner. This is achieved by means of an integrated adjustable shock absorber. Further features of this drive are a Toggle lever with a simple roller, lever locking mechanism and a lever deactivating mechanism. A standard flange facilitates mounting on the transfer system. This also enables space-saving sensing with integrated proximity switches.
The pneumatic stopper cylinder STAF with roller version for quick and easy equipping of conveyor lines. The standard stopper can reliably stop masses up to 150 kg. Impact forces of up to 14600 N on the piston rod are permissible. An anti-twist protection and a flange plate are already included as standard. This also enables space-saving sensing with integrated proximity switches.