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The versatile polyurethane tube PUN is made of a very flexible material and is perfectly suited for standard applications. For optimum installation, combine the PUN with the QS push in fittings.


High resistance to microbes and hydrolysis is provided by the flexible PUN-H tube made of polyurethane – now also in transparent colors. Use of FDA-listed material means it can be used in the food processing industry in addition to standard applications. It can also be ordered in inch versions.


The antistatic and electrically conductive tube PUN-CM enables you to protect electrical and electronic components. It is perfectly suitable in combination with the NPQM all-metal fitting.


The PUN-V0 provides a high level of safety in areas where there is a risk of fire. The tubing has been tested to UL94 and DIN 5510-2. The PUN-V0-C has an additional protection against welding spatter with its thicker walls. It is ideal in conjunction with the NPQM or NPQH fittings.


The PEN tube made of polyethylene impresses with good chemical resistance and optimized bending radii. It also has high abrasion resistance in dynamic applications. The PEN tube is used in standard applications – preferably with the QS push in fitting. It can also be ordered in inch versions.


The PAN tube made of polyamide is characterized by a high pressure and temperature range. With the sole exception of PUN/PUN-H, this is the most flexible tube when it comes to polyamide tubing. The recommended fittings for the PAN are the QS and NPQH push in fittings (high pressure range).


The PAN polyamide tube complies with the DIN 73378 standard and is thus ready for use in mobile pneumatics. It is suitable for increased temperature ranges at high pressures and is ideal in combination with the NPQM fitting.


Powerful and sturdy for pressure ranges up to 35 bar: The PAN-R polyamide tube is ideally suited for applications with the DPA pressure booster, for example. At high pressures it is unbeatable in combination with NPQH (up to 20 bar).


This tube is also safe in the immediate vicinity of welding spatter: the double-walled tube PAN-V0 together with the special fitting QS-V0. It also has flame-retardant properties in accordance with UL94.


The PLN tube made of polyethylene is weatherproof, resistant to chemicals, resistant to hydrolysis and can be used in the food processing industry due to its FDA-listed material. The combination with the NPQP fitting is also economical. It can also be ordered in inch versions.


The PFAN tube made of fluoropolymer stands out above all due to its EG-1935/2004 and EU-10/2011 conformity. It is also highly resistant to chemicals, temperatures and hydrolysis. Traditionally, the PFAN tube is used with the stainless steel fittings CRQS or NPCK.

Customer-specific tubing PAN, PEN, PLN, PUN

Here you can order individual lengths with an individual design (e.g. imprint of your company name). An individual color selection ensures high recognition and easy handling.The products are easy to order with the configurator, even in inch versions.