Cartesian robots

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Pick and place machines

This is a ready-to-install functional module for transferring, feeding and removing small parts in highly confined spaces. The movement is positively guided in a link and enables very short cycle times. Depending on the industrial robot, a C or L-shaped movement is carried out. The movements in Y and Z direction are variable in the range up to 40 millimeters. Pick and place machines are designed for use with electric, servo-pneumatic or pneumatic actuators. Pre-assembled modules with attached actuator are also available. The interface to the workpiece allows different gripper types from Festo to be adapted.

Cartesian robots

These are ready-to-install Cartesian robots for multidimensional movements, based on Festo linear and sliding drives or parallel kinematics. From extremely compact to sturdy and highly dynamic industrial robots – the right solution is available for every application. Linear, area and 3-dimensional gantries allow free positioning within the linear range up to the three-dimensional space. With coordinated stepper and servo motors, motor controllers and an integrated energy supply concept, a reliable, ready-to-install solution is provided. Supported by innovative software solutions for engineering and configuration, the industrial robots can be designed online and put into operation efficiently in just a few minutes based on your application data.

Delta Robot

Ready-to-install parallel kinematic systems for free positioning in the three-dimensional workspace stand for precision in motion and positioning as well as for extraordinarily high dynamics. The kinematics are based on a parallel kinematic drive concept with three fixed motors which are coupled via a pyramidal mechanical structure of linear axes and carbon fiber-reinforced bars.
Due to the high rigidity of the mechanical construction and the low moving mass, the parallel kinematic system is up to three times faster than comparable Cartesian robots.
The ceiling-mounted robot enables maximum accessibility and utilization of the working area and at the same time contributes to a reduction in the required installation footprint.

Control technology

Festo offers ready-to-connect and tested control systems from a single source, with which commissioning and integration costs can be significantly reduced.
Whether it involves systems for simple control tasks or complex controllers of a highly dynamic movement:
Festo control systems in a user-friendly and maintenance-friendly design complete the ready-to-connect solution packages for all industrial robots.
Using safety-oriented electrical engineering and control technology from Festo provides you with the security of implementing safety measures in compliance with the EC Machinery Directive.