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Air blow guns LSP

With the low consumption air guns LSP-C and LSP-D you can blow compressed air onto various objects. Through an optimized lever operation, you can carry out a fine, infinitely variable dosing of the flow rate. Depending on the application, the LPZ air gun nozzles can be replaced. In the classic application, blow guns are connected with a spiral tube (e.g. PUN-S) and safety couplings (e.g. NPHS). For harsh environments it is recommended to use the sturdy aluminum version LSP-D.

Air gun nozzles LPZ

The thread attachment of the low consumption air guns LSP-C and LSP-D allows you to change the air gun nozzle according to your requirements at any time. If you need a purposeful strong air jet with an air protection screen for chips and dust as well as a low noise level, the LPZ-SD is the right choice for you. The LPZ-LD, on the other hand, scores with a powerful, point-shaped air jet which is perfectly suited for blowing out, drying and cooling large surfaces. The two LPZ-RG and LPZ-RB nozzles help you to blow a targeted air jet onto hard-to-reach places.