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Linear actuators Copac DLP

DLPs are standard-based pneumatic double-acting actuators according to DIN 3358.
The standardized mounting interface to DIN 3358 allows direct mounting on process valves such as knife gate valves. The connection diagram according to VDI/VDE 3845 on the actuator cover enables local control for open/close applications via the directly flange-mounted solenoid valve. Alternatively, the DLP can be controlled via a valve manifold. Various piston rod attachments are available as accessories for mounting the piston rod on the process valve.
An externally attachable linear potentiometer MLO-POT-...-LWG is available for control applications. This can be used for operation with an external valve positioner.

Linear actuators with position feedback DFPI

DFPIs are controllable standard-based pneumatic double-acting linear actuators according to ISO 15552 or DIN 3358.
Product versions with integrated linear potentiometer (DFPI-...-E-...) or completely integrated valve positioner (DFPI-...-C1V-...) are available.
In the DFPI-...-E-... version, the potentiometric linear potentiometer supplies an analog voltage signal proportional to the piston position. This can be used for operation with an external valve positioner.
In the DFPI-...-C1V-... version, the integrated valve positioner controls the position. This actuator has a factory-set fail-safe position which is assumed if the operating voltage or the analog setpoint fails.
The position is preset via an analog setpoint signal from 4 to 20 mA. The position feedback takes place via an analog feedback signal from 4 to 20 mA.The feedback signal provides the user with higher reliability and easier diagnosis.
The electrical and pneumatic connection of the DFPI is via a plug socket, which also provides protection. Due to the standardized ISO 15552 or DIN 3358 mounting interface, there is a wide range of accessories for nearly every installation situation.

Accessories for linear actuators DFPI

DADG is an adapter kit for easy mounting of an external valve positioner with ISO 5210 interface on the DFPI-...-E-NB3P.
NHSB is a prefabricated protected electropneumatic connecting cable for the DFPI. The pneumatic and electrical connection cables are accommodated in a common protective conduit. This guarantees high mechanical and IP degree of protection. The connection to the DFPI actuator is via a plug socket, which also provides protection. The NHSB connecting cable is available in different lengths up to 15 m. It allows a quick and easy installation of the DFPI.