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Push in fittings QSM, Mini series

The Mini series is the little brother of the proven QS push in fitting family. In this section you will find smaller tube and thread sizes.

Push in fittings QS, standard series

The proven QS push in fittings from Festo offer an unbeatable range of variants. They are available in over 1000 types for all variations you need for your application. In combination with PUN or PUN-H plastic tubing, they are the optimal combination for maximum flexibility in standard applications. Smaller tube and thread sizes can be found in the QSM family. The inch and NPT versions of the standard QS fitting are members of the QS-U and QB families.

Push in fittings NPQH

The sturdy, high temperature-resistant, corrosion-resistant and easy-to-clean NPQH is mainly used in the food processing industry. In conjunction with the high temperature-resistant, TÜV-tested PFAN tube, for example, the NPQH withstands temperatures of up to 150 °C – at up to 20 bar operating pressure.

Push in fittings NPQM, metal, standard

The sturdy all-metal fitting NPQM is the standard in the automotive, woodworking and electronics industries. NPQM is antistatic and, in conjunction with the electrically conductive PUN-CM tube, it is ideally suited for discharging possible electrical charges. In addition, the NPQM in conjunction with the PUN-VO tube meets the requirements for flame-retardant environments.

Push in fittings NPQP, media-resistant

Resistance to cleaning agents, FDA-listed materials and high corrosion resistance make the NPQM an economical replacement for stainless steel fittings. It is mostly used in the food processing and process industries as well as in clean room and biotech/pharmaceutical applications.

Cartridges QSP

The cartridges are attached with a PIN [W+W1] (hairpin). There are also options which are pressed into pneumatic components.

Cartridges QSP, inch

The inch cartridges are attached with a PIN (hairpin). There are also options which are pressed into pneumatic components.

Push in fittings CRQS, stainless steel

Top corrosion protection means being at home in the food zone of the food and packaging industry. The CRQS stainless steel fitting is also highly resistant to chemicals and temperatures. In conjunction with the PFAN tube, it is particularly suitable for use with the most aggressive media such as acids and alkalis.

Push-in fittings QS-V0, resistant to welding spatter

Welding spatter has no chance: the push in fitting QS-V0, which was specially developed for the welding spatter-resistant double jacket tube PAN-V0, is designed so that the outer tube is also accommodated. This prevents any gap between the tube and the fitting into which welding spatter could enter. The QS-V0 is primarily used in body manufacture.

Push in fittings QSK, QSR

From the proven QS push in fitting family, the push-in fitting, self-sealing QSK and the push-in fitting, rotatable QSR stand out in particular