Clamp cylinders

Clamping cylinders

Clamping cylinders hold or clamp workpieces either directly with a pneumatically operated clamping element or via kinematics. The clamping element is swiveled out of the working area in the inactive status. Very high holding forces can be achieved with low energy consumption using kinematics. At Festo, we distinguish between clamping modules, linear/swivel clamps and hinge cylinders.

Clamping modules

Clamping modules are extremely flat diaphragm actuators with short strokes for a wide range of clamping tasks. Where other clamping cylinders reach their limits, clamping modules offer a wide range of possibilities. For example, due to their flat design, they can be used in narrow gaps. A clamping force of up to 1640 N is possible here. There are round and elongated designs that can be used to achieve both flat and more line-oriented clamping tasks. Clamping modules are also suitable for use in harsh, dusty ambient conditions due to their hermetically sealed design.

In our current range you will find the EV clamping module - a short rodless cylinder with diaphragm. EV is single-acting, has a reset function and is hermetically sealed.

Clamping modules

Linear/swivel clamps

Linear/swivel clamps allow a combination of linear and swing motion. This means that workpieces can also be inserted and removed above the area of the clamping point. This involves clamping tools for a variety of applications; they reliably clamp workpieces of all kinds from wooden parts to sheet metal and printed circuit boards. Linear/swivel clamps achieve clamping forces of up to 1,600 N and clamping strokes of up to 50 mm. They can also be used in welding applications.

Festo currently carries the CLR linear/swivel clamp, which combines swiveling in and clamping in a single work step. The swivel direction is adjustable allowing CLR to be adapted to individual conditions. CLR is optionally available with clamping fingers as an accessory as well as with dust and welding spatter protection.

Swing clamp cylinders

Hinge cylinders

Hinge cylinders are special clamp cylinders characterized by a rod clevis at the end of the piston rod and a hinged fork at the bearing cap. This simplifies assembly in clamping devices. A option with clamping unit can also prevent the piston rod from slipping when depressurized. Hinge cylinders achieve clamping forces of up to 3016 N and are particularly suitable for clamping components in the welding process. They clamp and hold components extremely reliably and securely.

The Festo DW hinge cylinder with integrated restrictors and end-position cushioning is ideal for clamping components in the welding process. The hinged fork on the bearing cap makes DW very easy to mount. In the Asian region, DW is the automotive standard for body in white production.

Hinge cylinders