Stopper cylinder and feed separator

Stopper cylinders and feed separators

Stopper cylinders are pneumatic cylinders used for cushioned or uncushioned stopping of movements in machines or workpiece carriers on transport systems. On transport systems, stopper cylinders with cushioning can stop loads of up to approx. 800 kg. Stopper cylinders are primarily designed to stop or block moving parts, such as load in an assembly line.

Feed separators also stop, cushioned, or hold one or more accumulating workpiece carriers at defined contact surfaces. Separating is a special case of allocating, in which only one object is separated from a continuous series of objects for process-related reasons. In manufacturing automation, one is mainly interested in the separation (partitioning) of workpieces. With pneumatic feed separators, the separating stop function is ensured by the supply of compressed air.

Stopper cylinders and feed separators from Festo

DFSP stopper cylinder

The DFSP stopper cylinder is our standard stopper cylinder in trunnion or roller versions. In the trunnion version, it is available both with anti-rotation lock and without – the same applies to the internal thread. In the roller version, the stopper cylinder comes with anti-rotation lock. It has an impressive compact design, sensor slots on three sides, a long service life thanks to very good cushioning behavior and robust piston rod guidance. It can safely stop workpiece carriers, pallets or packages weighing up to 90 kg.

Stopper cylinder DFSP

The DFST stopper cylinder

Thanks to its cushioned rocker arm mechanism and integrated, adjustable shock absorber, the DFST stopper cylinder stops workpieces remarkably gently, without any vibrations or noise. The adjustable effective direction (90°, 180°, 270°) makes the cylinder very flexible and very robust with an impact mass of up to 800 kg.

Stopper cylinder DFST

STAF stopper cylinder

The STAF stopper cylinder is a cylinder with a toggle lever design, rebound protection and feed separator function. It scores high points for its absorption of high lateral forces of up to 150 kg and can be controlled quickly via a flange-mounted solenoid valve – even over greater distances. In addition, it is available as single-acting or double-acting.

Stopper cylinders STAF

HPV feed separator

The HPV feed separator is available in a version with two plungers, as well as with double pistons, non-rotating piston rod and locking slide. This feed separator is particularly cost-effective – it replaces at least two drives in the feeding process. The proximity switch SME/SMT-8 can be integrated in the housing.

Feed separator HPV

HPVS feed separator

Our HPVS feed separator is a version with a plunger and a non-rotating piston rod. Here, too, the SME/SMT-8 proximity switch can be integrated in the housing.

Feed separator HPVS