Stopper cylinder and feed separator

Feed separator

Festo offers solutions for handling technology worldwide with its feed separators. The Festo feed separators facilitate the feeding process of workpieces.
The feed separator series are used when continuously arriving workpieces have to be separated (e.g. from a spiral conveyor or on an assembly line) and individually transferred to a downstream device. Depending on the workpiece to be separated, feed separators with one plunger or with two plungers can be used. The former can be used for general separation or as a pure stopper. The advantage of the feed separator series with two plungers is the mechanical synchronization of the two fingers and the associated reduction of actuation to a single valve. They are used on small workpieces.
The plungers each offer mounting options for individual attachments, allowing the product to be perfectly adapted to the separating task. The space-saving solution of the sensor concept is an additional advantage of the Festo feed separators: our proximity switches SME-8 and SMT-8 can be fitted as accessories directly into a sensor slot on the housing.

Stopper cylinders

Pneumatic cylinders used for damped or undamped stopping of movements in machines or workpiece carriers on transport systems. On transport systems, stopper cylinders with cushioning can stop loads of up to approx. 800 kg.