Shut off valves and soft-start dump valves

Soft-start valve and on/off valves

A soft start valve is used to control the pressure in a pneumatic system. The pressure is slowly built up to a certain level, which vents the system accordingly. As soon as the defined pressure level is reached, the valve switches to 100%. Venting is also done via this valve to prevent damage to the system. Soft-start valves are used in a variety of pneumatic systems, such as in factory automation or in the automotive and aerospace industries.

An on/off valve is used to control airflow in a pneumatic system. It can be used to start or stop the airflow and regulate it to some degree. On/off valves are commonly used in pneumatic systems to control the movement of pneumatic components.

Both types of valves are important in pneumatic systems as they help ensure the proper functioning of the system and prevent damage to the system and its components.

Valves of the MS series

The MS series offers an extensive range of manually, pneumatically and electrically actuated on/off and soft-start valves in four sizes. The valves of the MS series are characterized by a high flow rate performance, integratable sensors and certified safety valves for safe exhausting of pneumatic systems. They are ideal for every application.

The pneumatically and electrically operated valves of the MS series are configurable with and without integrated soft-start function. Pneumatically and electrically operated valves are also available as individual devices.

Thanks to the modular system of the MS series, these valves can be easily installed in service units.

Depending on the configuration, also suitable for use in potentially explosive areas of zones 1, 2, 21 and 22 as well as with UL approval.

MS basic series
MS series

D series, polymer

In the D series with polymer housing, a manual spool valve is available for selective pressurization and exhausting. It is available as an individual device as well as in combination with filter regulators of the D series in polymer.

Individual devices

Devices of the PVEL series can be actuated pneumatically and manually and are available as air valves up to a pressure range of 50 bar. Festo also offers the HE-LO series of on/off valves in accordance with OSHA 29 CFR 147 "Control of Hazardous Energy" from the US Department of Labor.

Individual components

Applications for soft-start valves

There are various possible applications of compressed air treatment for soft-start valves in pneumatic systems. Examples of what valves from our various series are required for are:

  • The valves can be used to regulate the pressure in a pneumatic system to ensure it stays within a certain range.
  • The excess pressure released through the valves can be needed to reduce energy consumption in pneumatic systems. This can help reduce the load on the system and reduce the amount of energy required for its operation
  • Pneumatic devices can be protected with the valves against overpressure, which can also cause damage or failure. In some cases, this can even prevent explosions in pneumatic systems by releasing excess pressure before it reaches dangerous levels.

Control of the valves

The valves can be operated manually, pneumatically and electrically. Manually operated valves are usually opened and closed mechanically using levers or handwheels. Valves that are pneumatically operated are controlled with compressed air. Electrically actuated valves, on the other hand, are controlled using electric motors. The type of control depends on the specific requirements of the application and should be selected individually depending on the requirements for speed, precision and safety of the control.