Connectors, Fittings & Tubings

Connection technology

In factory automation, robust and reliable connection technology plays an important role. This is because the connection of individual technical parts and devices, for example in the form of cables, lines, terminals or connectors, must withstand a wide variety of ambient conditions. Festo offers you a comprehensive selection of connecting elements for pneumatic applications, electrical applications and fluid media for industrial automation.

Connection technology from Festo

Connection technology for pneumatics

Our range for pneumatic connection technology includes various connection elements such as fittings, couplings and distributors as well as the matching tubing and pipes. In this way, pneumatic components in factory automation can be easily connected to suitable lines in the overall system. In addition, other elements and accessories such as sealing material or protective tube systems are available – for pneumatic solutions to suit your needs.

Pneumatic connectors

Connection technology for electrics

Festo offers a wide range of connecting cables for electrical connection technology. Our universal cables offer unlimited combinations of plug sockets, cable lengths and qualities as well as plugs, matched for example to proximity switches or pressure switches. We also have connecting cables for controllers, camera systems or I/O interfaces as well as connecting cables for motor controllers and motors, for valves and valve terminals and for sensors. In addition, we offer the appropriate plugs as well as a wide range of accessories such as inscription label holders, cable connectors, cover caps, illuminating seals, display and plug adapters.

Electrical connectors

Connection technology for fluid media

You will also find reliable connection technology for liquid and gaseous media at Festo. The fittings for fluid media are particularly suitable for laboratory applications. The fittings are used for mounting tubes or dosing nozzles within the scope of their technical data. Here you have the choice between different variants for different tubing or dispensing nozzles – for a reliable fluid connection in laboratory equipment.

Connection technology for fluid media

Inspection of the connection technology – commissioning service

Our service specialists, who are available worldwide, support you during commissioning and ensure optimum interaction between the individual components. This avoids malfunctions, performance losses and premature wear.

  • Inspection of the wiring and the electrical and pneumatic connection technology
  • Data backup and documentation
  • Instruction manual for machine operators
  • Available for 1, 2 and 3-axis systems with and without safety module

Service and support from Festo