Delta robots

Delta robots

Delta robots are parallel arm robots with a parallel kinematic system. They usually have three delta-shaped arms linked to the base by universal joints. Due to their lightweight design yet fast operation, they are often used in industry for packaging goods, assembly operations and high-speed applications. These industrial robots are also frequently used for pick and place tasks, as they can grip and place objects without errors or jerks. A wide variety of industries benefit from this.

Design of a Delta Robot

The main components of Delta robots are multiple axes and/or motors that interact to form a closed kinematic chain. The base of the robot is usually mounted on the ceiling, from there three or more arms go down to form a pyramid shape. The ends of these arms are connected to a platform that is moved by the arms. The simultaneous overlay of all the motors enables the front unit to move in the X, Y and Z directions, which distinguishes it, for example, from articulated robots, whose mode of operation is based on serial kinematics.

Advantages and disadvantages

Delta robots are extremely fast, dynamic and offer high repetition accuracy. The parallel kinematic drive concept with fixed motors coupled via a pyramid-shaped mechanical structure means that little mass has to be moved, which in turn ensures high speed and flexibility.

The disadvantage of Delta robots is that they have a relatively limited working area as well as a limited payload.

The Festo solution: Tripod EXPT

Our Delta Robot Tripod EXPT stands for precision in movement and positioning as well as equally for exceptionally high dynamics with up to 150 picks per minute. Due to the high rigidity of the almost vibration-free design and the low moving mass, this robot based on a parallel kinematic system is up to three times faster than comparable Cartesian systems. In addition to an emergency-stop function, rod loss detection and missing part detection, the Tripod EXPT allows for the assembly of numerous grippers – making it suitable for a wide range of applications.

Parallel kinematic system, delta robot EXPT