Pneumatic mufflers

Silencers for pneumatics

Pneumatic silencers from Festo reduce noise levels and make it easier to maintain your industrial automation system. Festo silencers thus reduce the risk of downtime by automatically warning if or when the pressure of your pneumatic silencer increases too much.

Silencers in pneumatics: Excellent components for maximum precision in the application

Pneumatic silencers not only reduce the noise level of the exhaust air – Festo silencers also protect the actuator system from dust particles or dirt that can enter through the valve.

But how does a pneumatic silencer work?

A Festo silencer, for example, is a body/sintered body that uses several chambers separated by baffles to slow down and cool down the escaping gases of the projectile. This leads to a reduction of the orifice blast and fire of the silencer. The manufacturing process of porous aluminum makes it possible to regulate the flow rate of silencers in pneumatics over a wide range, resulting in lower resistance of Festo silencers and minimal impact on the operation of your pneumatic system.

Festo silencers: our highlights for pneumatics

Reduce the noise level of your system – with pneumatic silencers from Festo. Our silencers for pneumatics are available in many variants: in narrow and long or short designs, in plastic or die-cast versions. Special open silencers from Festo with an outlet opening enable the trouble-free operation of a vacuum generator.

Here, we present our pneumatic silencers from the Festo core range.

Festo silencer AMTE

High temperature-resistant Festo silencer in metal version for noise level reduction.

  • Long or short design
  • Metal design
  • Operating medium: compressed air

Pneumatic muffler AMTE

Festo silencer U

Festo silencers for reducing the sound pressure level of your pneumatic system.

  • Compact design, polymer or die-cast
  • Barbed connector or threaded connection
  • Operating medium: compressed air

Pneumatic muffler U

FAQs – frequently asked questions clearly explained

What is a pneumatic silencer?

Pneumatic silencers are used to regulate the flow rate to achieve a lower resistance and thus have a minimal impact on the operation of your pneumatic system. Compressed air silencers from Festo are used to reduce the sound of air escaping from a pipe system in pneumatic exhaust air ducts.

Why are silencers used in pneumatics?

Pneumatic silencers are used to reduce noise when exhaust air is discharged. They cannot prevent the noise completely, but they can at least reduce it considerably. Festo silencers not only reduce the noise level, but also prevent the speed and performance of your system from dropping. Festo silencers in pneumatics thus ensure smooth processes without unexpected downtimes in industrial automation.

Where are Festo silencers used for pneumatic actuator systems?

Festo silencers can be used in pneumatic cylinders, valves, compressed air motors and other pneumatic devices – silencers in pneumatics are used in both industrial and process automation.

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