Flow sensors

Flow sensors

Flow sensors measure the flow rate of liquid or gaseous media. They are used to monitor the volume or mass flow through a control system. By monitoring the flow, a simplified diagnostic and condition monitoring process can be implemented: A change in the flow rate is often an indication that problems are likely to occur. Simpler so-called flow transmitters map the physical measured variable to an electrical signal. The majority of flow sensors offer digital switching outputs or even digital and analog outputs.

Festo flow meters

Flow sensors are ideal for flow measurement in the following applications

  • Flow and air consumption measurement for energy-efficient sensing
  • Leakage monitoring
  • Recording of very small parts (the smallest suction cups with connections)
  • Checking for presence
  • Leak tightness testing

Flow sensors SFAB - with IO-Link®

Extremely communicative: All measurement data is transmitted to the controller via the IO-Link® communication interface. Your advantages: Data storage, remote parameterization and reduced wiring effort. PNP or NPN? NO or NC? 0 ... 10 V, 1 ... 5 V or 4 ... 20 mA? SFAB can do everything in one device. The electrical outputs can be switched between PNP and NPN using software. This also makes storage easier, reduces costs and ensures greater flexibility. For fast and reliable commissioning, all settings made on one sensor can be replicated, i.e., they can be transferred to other identical sensors within seconds. Compared to manual commissioning, this is much less error-prone.

Easy operation: The new design with larger pushbuttons and intuitive menu navigation in the clear display enables easy and safe operation. SFAB reliably measures flow rate and volume and records the temperature. Power consumption can be optimized because, for example, you can quickly detect leakage. Reliable even when a higher protection class and precision are required – for example for paint spray guns in the automotive industry. Thanks to temperature detection, you can control processes stably: Deviating temperatures can indicate defective components, for example.

Flow sensor SFAB

Flow sensors SFAH – compact and universal

The SFAH monitors the flow of compressed air and non-corrosive gases. Its compact design, numerous installation options and space-saving adjustable elbow connections QS make it suitable for many industry sectors. The bypass design of the SFAH means that it is less susceptible to particles and moisture. The flow rate value is transmitted to the connected controller as a digital switching signal, an analogue signal or via IO-Link®.

Many areas of application: 8 flow rate ranges from 0.002 L/min... 200 L/min mean that the highly precise DFAH is very flexible. Whether used for process monitoring, feedback when handling small parts, monitoring consumption, leak testing, monitoring forming gas or object monitoring via air gap measurement, the SFAH perfectly masters all tasks.

Fast installation, simple operation: the SFAH does not require laminar flow inlets. The QS push-in connectors and the L1 and M8 plugs ensure that SFAH is put into operation quickly. Navigating through the menus on the clear display is highly intuitive and users can configure the colour scheme of the entire display, which ensures easy and reliable operation.

Flow sensor SFAH

Flow sensors SFAM – particularly convenient

High-flow rates, compact – and an early start! Unique: The early starting point at 1% for maximum dynamics. From 10 ... 1,000 L/min to 150 ... 15,000 L/min: pure reserve from below. The modular flow sensors SFAM-62 and SFAM-90 act either as stand-alone devices or are ideally combined with air preparation units of the MS series.

Reliable and convenient: SFAM provides absolute flow information with threshold values and is always accurate due to its extremely wide measuring range. The high-contrast display facilitates convenient setting of the switching point. Adjustable: the standards DIN 1343, ISO 2533 and ISO 6358. This eliminates the need to convert the flow rate.

Right or left? The fluid flow of the unidirectional flow sensor is selectable: either from left to right or from right to left. Flexible mounting: The compact design of the SFAM is completely focused on saving space. The flow sensor can be easily combined with MS6/MS9 maintenance units, and the innovative connection technology saves additional installation work.

Flow sensor SFAM

Flow sensor SFAW – monitor liquid media

Ideal for monitoring cooling circuits, for example in welding guns in the automotive industry or in front-end applications in the semiconductor and electronics industries. The new flow sensor SFAW measures the flow rate, consumption and temperature of water within the ranges of 1.8 … 32 L/min and 5... 100 L/min.

Whether vertical or horizontal installation, the sensor housing and display can be rotated and aligned easily - even after mounting!

Easy installation: Thanks to a large, easy-to-read, blue/white/red LCD display, you can see immediately whether the flow rate is OK. What's more, it can be commissioned quickly using teach-in or with the clear 3-button menu function.
Robust configuration: The IP65 design allows for use in harsh environments.

Flow sensor SFAW

Flow transmitter SFTE

In addition to our flow sensors, we offer the flow transmitter SFTE. It is ideally suited for monitoring compressed air and non-corrosive gases. The non-linear sensor signal is output as an analogue voltage signal to register the flow rate.

  • Compact design
  • Universal flow detection
  • Easy installation
  • Reliable pick & place application for extremely small workpieces

Flow transmitter SFTE