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Festo Aqua_ray: inspired by the manta ray


Inspired by the manta ray

Whether with dynamic wing beats or elegant gliding: thanks to its flow-optimized anatomy, the Aqua_ray is easy and energy-efficient to maneuver through the water. The artificial fish is not only modeled on the real manta ray in form and design. Its movement model also comes very close to that of the natural role model.

Rays are fascinating sea creatures. Experts consider them to be perfectionists in underwater flying and gliding. Their fin beats in the water resemble the wing beats of a bird in the air. Their wave-shaped movements form an optimum of maximum propulsion with minimum energy consumption. The flow-optimized shape allows the manta ray in particular to move elegantly and makes it a real underwater acrobat.

Fluidic Muscle and Fin Ray Effect® in combination

For the central propulsion and control unit of the Aqua_ray we rely on the Fluidic Muscle: two counter-rotating muscle pairs in combination with the Fin Ray Effect® form the beating wing drive in both wings. The structure with Fin Ray Effect® is a design derived from the functional anatomy of the fish fin. It makes it possible to imitate the fin propulsion of the natural role model almost perfectly.