Air_ray: floating manta ray with beating wing drive


Floating manta ray with beating wing drive

In search of new drive concepts, our Bionic Learning Network came across the manta ray. With the Air_ray, we have now transferred the fascinating motion sequences and the flow-optimized body shape into the world of technology. Thanks to its lightweight construction, the buoyancy of helium and the beating wing drive with Fin Ray Effect®, the remote-controlled flying object moves through the air like its natural role model through the water.

The flow-optimized design of the artificial ray increases aerodynamic efficiency. The active rotation of its beating wings ensures full power development in the air. A servo motor pulls alternately on the two flanks in the longitudinal direction and thus moves the wing up and down in a targeted manner.

With an additional servo drive, the beating wing can be rotated in its transverse axis, which means that the Air_ray can also be maneuvered backwards. The motion sequence comes very close to that of the biological role model.