Made to order quality. Available worldwide.

Made to order quality

Available worldwide – made by Festo

When we speak of quality, were talking about customer satisfaction. And this encompasses everything our customers perceive about us. The interfaces, the processes and above all people and how they act. That’s why we talk about holistic corporate quality at Festo, which we practice internally and externally – together with our customers and collaboration partners.

Company quality

Quality right from the start: this is the demand placed upon each of Festo’s divisions. Each individual is responsible for implementation – in the interest of the best possible solution for your task.

A globally established quality management system and all relevant certifications provide a solid foundation for the thought and action of Festo’s employees: from consultation going well beyond shipment of the product.

Product quality

Each and every day, most of our customers are being faced with more and more complex tasks. Together with you, we’re happy to accept the challenge and make our contribution with perfectly matching solutions and future-proof products.

From our point of view, a product is only as good as the benefits it provides for each individual customer. And thus holistic quality begins already with the first meeting. In order to clarify what the best solution might look like. And it doesn’t end in the event that a complaint should be received.

Process quality

Not only do errors in the process sequence cost time and money. They threaten the customers’ faith in your products, as well as ours. And thus for us, every step towards stable, waste-free processes is important.

Whether a catalog product or a customer-specific solution is involved: the quality of our processes and products, as well as the employees’ attitudes, must interact ideally. Our customers are much more satisfied with our collaboration as a result – because they can act with greater confidence in face of the competition.

Brochure: Customised quality

Quality in everything we do: just what that means for Festo, and above all for your collaboration
with us, is shown here in a brief overview.

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