CleanDock and CPX electrical terminal with built-in decentralized CEC controller and MPA valve manifold.

The Dock That “Thinks” for Itself

Cross contamination and the release of dust are two potential issues when docking and undocking containers at weighing stations. Not with the AZO CleanDock, however. It “thinks for itself,” thereby increasing process reliability and reducing setup times – thanks to a CPX-CEC controller and MPA valve manifold from the Festo Core Range docked directly to it. This complete modular system consisting of terminal and valve manifold forms a uniform interface and can be used to completely control machines or more complex subsystems.

“Bulk material handling is an art in itself that requires a great deal of experience.”

Frank Pahl, Head of Development, AZO

A Successful Partnership

As an automation expert, Festo is actively involved in the design of concepts and standards that drive and simplify the automation of modular systems today and in the future.